Martin Luther King jr


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early years

January 15th 1929 Atlanta Georgia MLK was born. Martin Luther King jr’s real name is michael but his father changed it to martin. He was the middle child he had a brother and sister. His father’s name is Martin Luther King sr and his mother’s is Alberta Williams King


Martin was in the bus boycott,sit-ins and school integration and march on Washington.

The Bus Boycott was where the Negroes don’t get on the bus till they can sit where they want.

The Sit-ins are where they sit until they get served.


When MLK was in the Bus Boycott he made it so negros can sit where they want on

a bus.

When MLK did sit-ins he made it so blacks can sit where they want everywhere.

When MLK did school integration he made it so blacks can go to any school they want.

Martin Luther King gave his famous “I have a dream” speech at the march on washington

which made the civil rights movement end.