nightlight poetry

A collection of poems written by Courtney Jones

About the Poet

Courtney Jones is an aspiring poet, from Midland, Texas. She first began her career in poetry at the age of 14 in her 9th grade English class. Prior to this class, Jones enjoyed reading poetry, but had never attempted to write some of her own. She gained her inspiration for her poems from personal experiences, and she hopes others can connect to her work as well.

"Where I'm From" Poem

I am from paint brushes and pencils,

from Minute-Maid Lemonade and warm sunny days.

I am from the sun-drenched tire swing hanging from the oak tree.

I am from the immense roses,

the dandelions, that I wished on as if shooting stars.

I am from family get togethers and music talks,

from Jones and Del A Garza.

I am from the star-gazers, the competitive lot,

from "don't take anything for granted" and "never be afraid to be who you are".

I am from church on Sundays and alluring hymns.

I am from Midland and Freddie Jones,

black-eyed peas on New Years and homemade cookies.

From the hard-headed attitude of my grandfather,

the golf cart my brother crashed, and each one of grandma's endless baking stories.

I am from the wall that runs alongside the staircase, each wooden frame showcasing

a different memory.


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She's drowning,

she's frowning,

she feels so alone,

no matter where she goes,

she's never "at home".

Sweaty palms,

she's self destructive like a bomb.

No one cares,

music blares,

helps her feel less insane,

temporarily calms her brain.

Tears fall out,

begin to self-doubt,

starts to shout,

all over again,

nothing ends.

Eternal pain,

cannot be drained.

Never goes away,

forever here to stay.


fly away



....running away,

......meeting new people

........everyday. not caring if she lost

............her way, for she had nothing left at bay.

.......She dreamed of learning more, and leaving her past at the door.

...........She wants to see different art, rewrite her story from the start. She

...........aspires nothing more, than living a life worth writing down, hopes she

.................will find this in a series of many different towns. She craves

....................happiness, like and "upper-east sider" craves classiness

...............................She doesn't know where it lies, but is willing look until she dies.


4 minutes, 27 seconds

4 minutes, 27 seconds.

allows me to drown in the sounds,

rather than my thoughts.

4 minutes, 27 seconds.

a magic created by a melody.

allows me to forget.

4 minutes, 27 seconds,

i can finally escape from this world,

free myself from the darkness.

4 minutes 27 seconds,

relating to the lyrics,

as if they were written about me.

away from everyone at last.

4 minutes, 27 seconds,

goosebumps rise on my arms,

rapidly, like a fire spreading in a forest.

4 minutes, 27 seconds,

of nothing but sound company.


What is love?

I have never been in love with anyone,

from what I've heard, it's like a" vacation spot",

to find your "certain someone",

a true feeling that cannot be bought.

They should look at you as if you out the stars in the sky,

and you to them,

someone who you never want to see cry,

and someone who can calm your inner mayhem.

I imagine love to be devastating

and beautiful at the same time.

Something captivating,

that lasts a lifetime.

I want a love where if I woke up and forgot my name,

I'd remember yours as if the rules to my favorite game.



My favorite poem of the five I wrote would have to be 'Anxiety'. My intended effect on the reader was to out them into the shoes of someone's head during an anxiety attack. Similarly, in my other 4 poems, I tried to put the audience into my head, but forming my thoughts into words. Throughout this unit, I have grown to love both reading and writing poetry, and it is definitely something I will continue to do on my own time. My inspiration came from my thoughts and my personal experiences. I like to write about real-world situations, rather than sugar-coating it.