Jason Bourne's past is unknown, and his future is uncertain. Everyone he meets seems to want to kill him and he has no idea why. He goes all throughout Europe, in hopes to recall his memory and find answers.


The protagonist of the book, "Bourne Identity" is Jason Bourne. Jason was found unconscious floating in the water with multiple bullet wounds in him. He was brought on to a ship where he would be brought to a doctor to treat his wounds. This is where Jason will learn bits and pieces of his past life and figure out where he will have to go next.


Treadstone. A word very familiar Bourne, but can't grasp where he remembers this word from.

Treadstone is the secret government agency that he worked for before he lost his memory. He is now a "lost cause" and this agency is sending people to kill him because they know how dangerous he is and what he is capable of.

CONNECTION 1: Bourne<----->Hercules

Jason Bourne is an assassin that seems to be impossible to kill. He is very strong, quick, and will kill if he has to.

Hercules, like Jason Bourne, is also very strong and fast like in the greek myths. Hercules sometimes loses his temper and kills. But like bourne, Hercules is also extremely hard to kill, and it seems impossible to do so.

CONNECTION 2: Bourne<----->Hercules

Jason Bourne and Hercules share an archetypal hero trait with each other, where they both suffered traumatic events in their life. Hercules kills his entire family while under the influence of the greek goddess, Hera, Jason wakes up, not knowing where he is or who he is.

CONNECTION 3: Bourne<----->Theseus

Jason Bourne and Theseus somewhat share a similar plot with one another. Theseus was placed in the labyrinth and Jason Bourne was just placed in Zurich, Switzerland. However, both characters will make it out alive.