By: Alexandra Lamphier


  • Sounder showed friendship by being there for his family. The mother showed friendship by watching the boy and taking care of the boy. The father came back one last time before he passed away. The boy would always go and try to find sounder and see if he was all right and doing fine. The boy had looked for his father like they where best friend's.

Lisa / Taz

  • My video is about Lisa and Taz. Lisa was running and fell off the canyon, Lisa hit so hard that she couldn’t move. Her dog Taz saw her fall and struggling to move, when the dog found her she was dragging herself to try and get help. Taz found a guy who was driving a four wheeler and took the guy to the lady. The guy followed Taz to her owner. Then the guy helped Lisa. The reason why it is similar is because Taz was always their for her master.

Being able to attend school is a privilege.

  • The reason why I chose this one was because I agree that not everybody can attend school like if they were poor or they just don't have time in their schedule. The second reason is that people should go to school so that they can get a degree and a scholarship for a job. You should go to school because it's a privilege and you might not get a good paying job and it's like a one time chance.

Father, Daughter, and Dog / Sounder

  • The father and the dog died. After the master died a short time after the dog’s died. They both had dogs as a pet
  • The different part about the story was that in the book the Sounder father got into a dynamic blast and half of his body was paralyzed. In the story Father, Daughter, and Dog the father had a heart a take and that was when the father died. In Sounder the dog sounder was shot and he has no ear and a missing eye. The dog in the Father, Daughter, and dog the dog had no injuries.
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