Digestive System

By: Selena Collins

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Mouth and structures

Some digestion of food takes place in the mouth. When your chewing the food your mouth is being prepared to transport into the esophagus and the stomach. In the mouth you have oral structures like teeth that grind and break down the food before swallowing. The salivary glands are located underneath the tongue and produce saliva which lubricates the food so it can slide down the esophagus smoothly. The tongue is a muscular organ located at the floor of the mouth and the tongue tastes the food. The muscle then contracts to send the food down the esophagus.


The esophagus contracts to send the food down to the stomach. the esophagus is a long thin muscular tube covered in mucus and saliva that lubricates the food so it can move down the esophagus smoothly.
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In the mouth you can get gingivitis which is a gum disease.
and in the esophagus you can get esophagus cancer.
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