Occupational Therapist

By: Mary Cornett

Detailed Description of the job

Occupational Therapists help people recover from physical deficits that may have occurred during an accident, stroke etc. For example, say someone had a major stroke and can only use the left of their body. An occupational therapist would help the person be able to complete daily task again including getting dressed, eating, using the bathroom etc. The median salary for occupational therapist where we live is $80,366 a year. Occupational therapist work 40 hours a week, on average.

Type of Education and Experience needed

To be an Occupational therapist, you need a bachelors degree in anthropology, sociology, or psychology. After you bachelors, you need a masters degree to help them understand the anatomy, patient care, and assistive technology in their field and social/medical conditions. I could go to William and Mary, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, James Madison and so many more places! After school, you need a license. To get your license, you need to have
  • * Graduated from an accredited occupational therapy program
  • * Have complete necessary fieldwork
  • * Passed the NBCOT exam