Earth Day 2015

Reuse Recycle Reduce

The whole world uses 500 billion plastic bags a year. Instead of using plastic bags you can use paper bags or reuse the plastic bags.Each year 130 billion phones are used. If they go into land fills they release toxic substances into the air, recycle your phone not throw it away. Every year 15 billion batteries are sold most of them are not recyclable. Get rechargeable batteries and a charger so the batteries don't ruin the environment.
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Earth Day History

Gaylord Nelson thought of Earth day in 1962. He made an article about how the environment is not an issue in the country and how it should be. He went to the white house to try to convince the president that he should consider taking the environment seriously. After the president agreed Gaylord went on to convince the states to make Earth day also. On March 21, 1971 Earth day was made a national holiday. Earth day is celebrated on April 22nd every year.
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