Jeff Bezos

CEO of


Jeff was born in 1964 in New Mexico. He spent most of his years in Texas with his family and helping his grandfather's ranch in the summer. He was very machanically advanced and had love for computers and technology. He had tried to dismantle his crib as a toddler and even built an alarm system for his room to keep his siblings out.

Elements of Leadership

Jeff had made when he had a cross country drive. He had then learned of the internet having rapid usage, so he had quit his job. Amazon had risen to 70% in shares in 2011 and Bezos was known for paying close attention to business details.

Elements Learned As a Child

In the University of Florida, he joined Student Science Training Program and earned the Silver Knight Award. He became a high school valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar.

Impact On Others

By others, Bezos "is at once a happy-go-lucky mogul and a notorious micromanager." He is also a great contributive person and has given over $16,000 to the democrat party, $2,000 to the Republicans, and $55,000 to others.

My Leadership Comparisons

Bezos is known for his interest in space travel by starting companies like Blue Origin. I also believe space travel is important for future human needs and resources.

Useful Character Traits for Bezos

His love for computers and learning about technology in general makes it easier for him to do more business over the internet and become even more valuable.


One thing that inspires me to do something similar is how he created in his spare time in a car when the company today makes millions of dollars.

Do Leaders Need to Demonstrate All Leadership Traits

No entirely. Leadership is sometimes developed of being threatening and destructive which all leaders don't need to use to be effective. Sometimes being fair, kind , and rational will be more effective and likable by a community.

Leadership Qualities List

  • Fair
  • Peaceful
  • Rational
  • Education
  • Not intimidating
  • Likable