Coronavirus Updates & Information

Marshall Academy's COVID Response Team

Update for Families 8/13/20

Dear MA Families,

Last night the School Board approved the COVID19 Preparedness plan. The final edition is posted on the school's homepage

A few changes since we last updated you revolve around the virtual option. See notes below!

We also cover rules on visitors throughout the year, drop off and pick up procedures, and resources for at home monitoring of symptoms.

We plan to take to YouTube live again next week Tuesday, August 18th at 3 PM for another chance to ask clarifying questions and relieve any anxieties we can before the start of the school year on August 24th!

Please don't hesitate to be in touch with questions or concerns. We want to relieve as many anxieties as possible before the start of the school year. No one asked for any of this, no one can control any of this, but despite the struggles, we can, and will, support each other as we navigate these uncertain times.

Remember that this team will continue through the school year to keep you up-to-date on the latest news and to help you!

Leslie Katz

Coordinator - Leslie Katz (Academic Officer); Teacher Representative - Lacey Ferro (3rd grade, coach); Support Staff Representative - Kathy Swett (bus, library, classroom); Front Office - Shannon Kever (Main point of contact); Board Representation - Kasey Williams (Board President; parent); Albion Community - Wanda Kemp (Kids of Hope Community Outreach); Marshall Community - Stephanie Kimball (Fountain Clinic); Parent - Niki VanLente (Marshall); Student - William Costine (sophomore)

CDC Guidelines on Coronavirus Prevention

This site is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Just click the button and it will take you to the website.



You should receive a call to confirm you are choosing virtual this week or early next week. We will ask if you need any technology support. Then later next week you will receive login information to Edgenuity from Mrs. Katz (6-12) or Google Classroom from Miss Ferro (K-5)

Virtual K-5 NEW

In an effort to provide the best education we can for elementary students, who really need more direct instruction and connection with a teacher, we will be utilizing our own Marshall Academy teacher, Miss Lacey Ferro and Google Classrooms. Miss Ferro will create content, hold daily meetings, and work with students in grades K-5 to ensure progression and mastery toward standards at each grade level. Miss Best will continue to support her special ed students by assisting Miss Ferro as well. Should the school move into remote learning overall, those students would then transition to their grade level classroom for Google Classrooms and Miss Ferro would support teachers in K-5 with their online content and student learning. Estimate 3-4 hours of parent time to assist with learning and possibly more for individual students (especially when practicing reading or math facts).

Virtual 6-12 Updates

The 6-12 virtual students will still utilize Edgenuity (a third party). Leslie Katz will be the success coach on site to assist parents and students with logging in, using the system and checking on progress. Each course will have a MI certified teacher who will work with Mrs. Katz to ensure each student is meeting progress goals and learning. This system is self-paced, estimate 4-6 hours of work time a day for a full course load. The program has a certified special ed teacher who will also work with our IEP students and Miss Best and Mrs. Swank to make sure accommodations are met and those students are fully supported in the program.

Screening Protocols

Bus Stops and Arrival

As a small school something we can do is screen students well. We will provide parents with a checklist of questions to ask to determine whether your student should come to school or not (see link to these resources on our MA website below). This includes checking for fever. A fever is 100.4 or higher. Whether it's COVID 19 or not, a student with a fever should not be in school. We ask that all parents screen their students before bringing them to a bus stop or the school.


Students will use hand sanitizer before loading, and each bus will be equipped with extra masks to ensure all have masks. Temperatures will be taken at stops and on the bus. If a student has a fever, they will be placed in "buffer seats" if a parent is not at the bus stop to take them home, and once they get to school they will be placed in our quarantine office until a parent/guardian can pick them up.

Dropping Off in the Morning

Students dropped off at school (or who drive) will have their temps screened as well. If they have a temp, they will need to return home. There is NO parking in the semi-circle outside the MAIN OFFICE in the mornings so as not to block the buses from entering and dropping off high school students at their entry point.


Students in K-5 being dropped off will need to go to the first portico for temperature screenings. From there, each grade level has their own entrance point to go through. These will be clearly marked.


Students in 6-8 will have their temperatures taken at the gym doors and go to their entry points from there.


Students in HS will go to the office portico for temperature checks and be released to the hallway/lockers in small groups to visit lockers quickly and proceed to their homerooms (1st hour class).

Pick Up at End of Day

Busers will be released in waves to ensure there is not congregating while loading the buses at the end of the day.

For student pick-up, you can pull to the side of the building as usual and each child will come from their own exit door to your vehicle. If picking up a HS student, please park in the parking lot and have them walk to your vehicle so we do not add bodies to the bus area.

There is NO parking in the semi-circle outside the MAIN OFFICE from 2 PM on so as not to block the buses.

Quarantine and "what ifs"

Fever and Symptoms

A fever does not mean COVID 19. Generally, students must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine to return to school. However, if a student answers yes to any screener question or has a fever, they must have one of the following before returning to school -- a negative COVID 19 test or a doctor note that explains the reason for the fever as something other than COVID 19 dated for that event of fever or screener question. If a parent refuses to go to the doctor or get a COVID 19 test, the student must stay home for 10 days.

At Home Screener

If your student fails an at home screener, please notify the front desk and guidance will be given based on symptoms and the individual case.

No Visitors

Phase 4

Unfortunately, no visitors will be allowed in the school during Phase 4. This means you cannot walk your student to their classroom the first day, or any day. You can only drop them off at their assigned entry point (this will also be their assigned exit for pick-up at end of day).

This means no coming in for lunch, birthday parties, or just popping in to check on your student. We apologize for any anxiety this may leave you as a parent, but it is for the safety of all of our students and staff. You may drop items off at the front desk, but you may not enter the building beyond the foyer.

Looking for ways to help?


NEW: Pop up tents for outside. Part of getting creative is teaching outside when possible. Each classroom has an outside exit door. If we had some pop up tents outside, when the weather is nice, a few classes could go outside when it's conducive to the lesson and have some shade. Though some may just teach in the sunshine.

The following are items we will be spending a lot of "extra" money on if you would like to make a donation to the school/classroom:


Small one-time use water bottles (we are closing the drinking fountains for safety)

Masks (disposable or washable)

Hand Sanitizer

Cleaning wipes

*any cleaning materials and hand sanitizer must be at least 60% alcohol

Every student should bring a filled water bottle to school, and take it home and wash it daily. Be sure the top is covered and not open for stray germs to land on!

Community Resources

Hotlines, food pantries, and more