Machu Picchu

By:Patience Clasen

The Lost City of Inca

Machu Picchu is a area in Peru that was built for Royalty. It was abandoned just a century later. No one knows why. Some say it was an attack. Although the city in the sky was built for Royalty, only servants went out and they got the best food for the Royal family. It is an old Inca Royal estate, it was thriving with food and water, and it was rediscovered when archeologists were looking for ancient Inca artifacts.

The Sun City

The lost city of the Incas was built incredibly according to architects. It is 2,430 meters above sea level. It is 200 structures making an agricultural center. Machu Picchu was built at the height of the Incan Empire. It also access to springs to water and was thriving with food.
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Machu Picchu Rediscoverd

However, it was abandoned just a century later. Machu Picchu was rediscovered in 1911. It was found because they were looking for ancient artifacts. It is Peru’s most visited attraction. Millions of people take the long trip up and when they do, it’s worthwhile to see the sky and the view of Peru.

The Beginning of the End

In the end, The city in the sky has a long history. It was built during the Inca empire. It’s setting is arguably the best in the world. The only reason it was found was because of ancient artifacts that were supposedly there. With how it's still standing Machu Picchu will still be standing decades from now