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Week of January 16, 2023

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Greetings Westside Families! This is a busy but exciting week for our school. We will have the second of three F.A.S.T. (Florida Assessment of Student Thinking) tests on Tuesday and Wednesday for most 3rd-6th Graders. Additionally, we are celebrating students at our 2nd Quarter Award Ceremonies Wednesday-Friday. Please see below for more details on both of these topics.

REMINDER: Monday, January 16th, is a school holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School will resume Tuesday, January 17th.

We have gotten faster with our Car Loop dismissal and all parents need to be IN LINE by 2:45pm (1:30pm on Fridays) to pick up students. If you are late, you will have to park and bring your ID inside the office to pick up your child.

Parents of Bus Riders: With our increased enrollment, we are working on a solution for our overcrowded buses. However, we are having many behavior issues with our bus students while riding to and from school. If your child is a bus rider, please review the following BPS protocols with them. Students who continuously misbehave at this point of the year could lose the right to transportation provided.

  • Students will remain seated AT ALL TIMES while on school bus unless entering or exiting. Moving from one seat to another is prohibited.
  • No food or drink is permitted on school bus.
  • Students must control voice volume while on school bus
  • No throwing items, yelling or hanging out windows of bus at any time.
  • Students must use respectful language at all times.
  • If student is permitted by the driver to use a cell phone, headphones or ear buds must be used.
  • Opening the emergency exit on a school bus is prohibited unless it a true emergency or directed by an adult.

REMINDER for Checking Out Students: In order to check out a student from school, the adult must have a picture ID and be the legal parent or guardian. If an authorized adult (per registration packet) other than the legal parent or guardian wants to check out a student, they must have a WRITTEN note from the parent/guardian with signature to do so. A courtesy call to the parent/guardian will also be made.

Academic Support Program (ASP) for this semester will resume this week. Please see schedule below.

As always, thank you for your support! Our office will be open Monday-Friday from 7:30AM-3:30PM. Please come on in if we can assist you in any way.

~Mrs. Stephanie Woodbury, Principal

(321) 956-5050 or

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Progress Monitoring Assessments This Week

This week, students will take a variety of Progress Monitoring Assessments required by the state. Below are details based upon grade. It is important the students get a good night's sleep prior and are HERE and ON TIME each day. These assessments, along with other data points throughout the year, will be used to determine if students are mastering grade level standards.

VPK-2nd Graders:

  • We will be conducting make-up sessions for any child who missed last week's assessments.

3rd-6th Graders:

  • Intermediate students will take their second F.A.S.T. assessment this week.
  • Tuesday, January 17th- ELA (Reading)
  • Wednesday, January 18th- MATH
  • Assessment is computer-based.
  • Results will be shared within 2 weeks of completion.
  • Data points from these assessments help guide interventions and make decisions about students' ability to master grade level standards.
  • Students who receive accommodations will be provided these during all assessments.
  • Some students with "small group testing" may test on different days.

Emerging Bilingual Students K-6:

  • Students who are active in our ELL program will begin WIDA testing to assess their current academic progress and proficiency with the English language. Mrs. Cruz will be reaching out to families throughout this process.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach to Mrs. Williams at

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Although Report Cards will not be issued until January 19th, we will be keeping our original dates for award ceremonies. If your child is receiving an award, you should have been notified by the teacher.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for parking, getting checked-in with ID and seating. PTO will also be selling flowers for your child prior to each ceremony (cash only). They will also be selling Spirit Shirts and Birthday Grams on the marquee!


Wednesday, January 18th

Kindergarten (8:15a), 2nd grade (8:50), 1st grade (9:30)

Thursday, January 19th

5th grade (8:15a), 4th grade (8:50), 3rd grade (9:30)

Friday, January 20th

6th grade (9:00a)

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Westside's Club Corner

See below for this week's schedule and information. ALL Clubs pick up in SIDE Car Loop at times shown below and if a club is canceled, the teacher sponsor will send out notifications.

Monday, 1/16

  • Holiday for All -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, 1/17

  • ASP 2nd-6th (7:00a)
  • Intermediate Orchestra 7:15a-8:00a
  • ASP 1st-6th (2:30-4:00p)
  • Beginning Orchestra @2:30p3:30p
  • Odyssey of the Mind @2:30p-4:30p
  • Modern Artists @2:30p-4:00p

Wednesday, 1/18

  • ASP Kinder (7:00a)
  • Chorus @2:30-3:30p
  • ASP 1st-6th (2:30-4:00p)
  • Science Fair Workshop #2 -- 5-7pm

Thursday, 1/19

  • ASP Kinder (7:00a)
  • ASP 2nd-6th (2:30-4:00p)
  • Intermediate Orchestra @2:30p-3:30p
  • Great Van Goghs @2:30p-4:00p

Friday, 1/20

  • ASP Kinder (7:00a)
  • Jammers @1:30-3:00 p
  • Ceramics Club @1:30-3:00p
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Are you a small business owner or have business connections to help with recess improvements, staff appreciation and other events? If so, we'd love to connect! Email us at:

Our next meeting is February 22nd at 3:00pm in our Media Center.

You do NOT have to be a registered volunteer to attend!

Upcoming Needs for Registered Volunteers:

**IF you are able to support any of these, please email our PTO at address below**

Kindergarten Lunch Support (Daily) 11:00-11:45a

Parent Lunch Fridays- 10:30am-12:30pm

PTO will continue to sell Spirit Shirts at all Westside events OR you can send in the money in an envelope with your child's full name, teacher name, material & color of shirt, and size desired. Cotton shirts (teal or black) are $10 and Dryfit shirts (black only) are $12.

Have questions or need more information? Email us at:

Friday is Family Lunch Day!

We had a good turnout for our Parent/Student Lunch Day last Friday! Thank you to the families who joined us and we look forward to seeing more of you this Friday.

At this time, we must follow the parameters listed below per BPS guidelines:

  • This opportunity will only be available on Fridays.
  • Only adults on the approved pick-up list for a child will be allowed to have lunch with students. You will need to present your photo ID at the front office and receive a visitor's tag. When done, you must sign out before leaving campus.
  • A designated area will be provided for the adult and student.
  • Adults will only be allowed to eat lunch with THEIR child and we request only two adults per child please.
  • Adults who are not registered volunteers will be monitored by school staff at all times.
  • Adults will be permitted to be on campus for lunch for their child's 30-minute lunch block (times listed at end of newsletter for all classes). Once your child's lunch is over, we kindly as you to sign out and exit campus. If you have multiple children and want to have lunch with all of them, you must wait for additional lunch times in the front office, glass booth, or your vehicle.
  • You may bring in food from outside sources for your child only. Any leftover drinks or snacks will not be allowed back in class however.
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Upcoming Events

  • January 18th- Awards K-2
  • January 18th- Science Fair Workshop #2 (4th-6th graders)
  • January 19th- Report Cards Issued
  • January 19th- Awards 3-5
  • January 20th- Awards 6th
  • January 25th- Club/Class/Group Photos
  • January 26th- Conference Night
  • February 14th- Interims #3 Issued
  • February 16th- PBIS Event #3
  • February 20th- Hurricane Nicole Make Up Day
  • April 24th- Hurricane Nicole Make Up Day