Overpopulation In Ethiopia

What Is Overpopuation

Overpopulation is when a country or a city is too crowded, and there isn't enough resources for everyone.

Why is Ethiopia Overpopulated?

Overpopulation isn’t a problem all over the world at the moment, it’s only happening in various countries. One of those countries is Ethiopia. One of the main causes of overpopulation in Ethiopia is because the birth rate is higher than the death rate.

Ethiopia and Facts

In the year 1984 it was estimated that forty two million people lived in Ethiopia, in the year 2003 it jumped up to seventy million, and to the present day it is estimated that there is eighty three million people. Ethiopia ranks number 14th in the world for being one of the most populated countries, it grand totals to 85,237,338. That’s almost three times the size of Canada, and Ethiopia is a smaller country. We live comfortably here, while they all crowd around over there. In 2015 it is predicted that there will be over one hundred million people living in Ethiopia.

Officials have estimated that the birth rate in Ethiopia is 43.66 births per 1000 population, and the total fertility rate at 6.12 born per woman. These statistics have indicated that the birth rate is higher in rural areas than urban areas.

Ethiopia’s birth rate is ranked 7th amongst the rest of the world and analysts estimate that the high rate is only going to continue. It has been proven by Paul Ehrlich, that human beings actually occupy no more than 1-3 percent of the earth’s land surface. Mainly because humans crowd around in cities to get goods and trades, and to live closer together.

Ethiopia and Statistics

In 1989, approximately 50% percent of the population was made up of children under the age of fifteen, meaning that large portions of the population are going to have to pay heavy expenses on health, education, and social services. Religious beliefs, Universal marriages, Lack of sexual education, and kinship, encourage large families, can be blamed for the high birth rate of this developing country.

What can Developing Countries do to stop Overpopulation?

These countries can provide sex education, or a one child policy. Many of these countries haven't been taught from right or wrong. They haven't been taught what you should or shouldn't do, which is why they need education. They have nothing else to do there because they are poor, so sometimes, even though it's sad to say it, they do it for entertainment. They should make a one child policy, so the birth rate will go down, and the rates will be stable again.