Internet Safety/Bullying tips

Ways to be safe online and avoid/stop bullying

some people, like teens, don't know how to be safe on the internet or how to avoid/stop cyber-bullying.

So we have some tips for that, so the next time you go online you can be safe and avoid/stop cyber-bullying. The tips we are going to cover are. Ways Teens can Decease Cyber-Bullying and Learn How to be an Upstander, Online/Social Media Dangers, and Ways to Stay Safe Online.

Ways teens can decrease cyber-bullying and learn how to be an upstander

  • They can help contact the parents of the cyber-bully and tell them whats going on.
  • They can tell the cyber-bully how the person being cyber-bullied feels or is going through
  • Support/make the person being cyber-bullied happy

Online/Social media dangers

  • Online pedophiles
  • Strangers being kids but are adults
  • posting something online that is inappropriate
  • Predators online

Ways to Stay Safe Online

  • Keep your passwords safe and don't tell anyone.
  • Don't share personal info, like where you live.
  • Don't meet someone who you found online face to face without a trusted adult, unless its a friend or family member you already know and met.
  • Don't trust any strangers online

So Those are the Basics, Now you and your family and friends can go online and also be safe while going on online.

Overall, whenever you are online you can now be safe when online, avoid cyber-bully's and be an upstander, and avoid online/social media dangers.