Winter Holiday Party!

Friday December 18th, 2015

Holiday Cheer!

Hello families!

In honor of the upcoming winter holidays, we are studying holidays around the world this week. We will be exploring holidays in lots of different countries and cultures, and reading texts that teach us about these holidays. We are excited to use our inferring skills to uncover the themes of different holidays around the world, and find out what they have in common as well as what makes them unique and special!

To wrap up our holiday mini-unit and to celebrate our upcoming break, we will be having a small classroom celebration on Friday December 18th. Because this week is such a hectic time full of events already, this is a student-only celebration. Twenty-seven kids excited about the holidays take up about all the space we have in our classroom!

So how can I help?

You can support our classroom celebration by signing up to send in a food item! We are going to be decorating holiday cookies (each student gets one sugar cookie and one gingerbread cookie; one to eat now and one to take home). They can use what they have learned about holidays around the world to create "global" holiday cookies, or they can choose to decorate their cookies in a way that represents the holidays and is meaningful to them.

You can sign up to bring an item by adding your name to the Google Document below, and either sending it in with your child on Friday or dropping it off at the school. If you are going to bring an item, please sign up by 4:00pm on Thursday, December 17th. That way I can pick up anything we still need!

Thank you so much for your wonderful support!