Harlem Renaissance

Dawn of African American Literature

Express Your Dark Skin Self

The Harlem Renaissance took place from about 1920 to mid-1930's. It was a cultural movement by African Americans who had never had the chance to express themselves in America due to oppression. Harlem was considered the "Mecca" of which black artists migrated to. As well as being a literary movement, it was also a time of strong black pride. It was the prerequisite for African American political and civil rights. Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Arna Bontemps are just a few of the many popular writers at this time.

Deferred Dreams

When you put off your dreams and goals, they may never be the same. When you give up on something you're passionate about achieving, you're really giving up on yourself. If you defer your dream, you defer your future. If you don't take chances to get where you want to be, you may never get there.