Jasmine went to Walmart

By:Jasmine Brown

Equation 1

Jasmine bought 2 bags of jolly ranchers the total is $12.

What is the cost for each bag?

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Equations 2

Jasmine went to buy four jumbo soda. she wanted to buy some chips for the party.
When she bought every thing it was $28. How many bags of chips did she buy?
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Equation 3

Jasmine bought 2 12 packs of coke a cola for $10.00 and bought 2 bags of chips.

She spent a total of 14.00 on all those items.What was the cost of each bags of chips

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Equation 4

Jasmine went to the meat section she bought 5 pounds of shrimp for $20.

She also bought 10 cups of cocktail sauce.If she spent a total of $35.00,what is the cost for each cup?

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Inequality 1

Jasmine wants one roll of masking tape. It costs $1.15, how many rolls can Jasmine buy with at least $5.75?


Answer:x ≥ 5 rolls

Inequallity 2

Jasmine is cooking muffins. The recipe calls for more than 7 cups of sugar. She has already put in 2 cups. How many more cups does she need to put in?

x + 2>7

Answer: x > 5 cups

Inequallity 3

After paying $5.00 for a salad, Jasmine has no more than $27.00 left. How much money did she have before buying the salad?

x - 5≤27,

Answer: x ≤ $29.00

Inequallity 4

Jasmine finds masking tape in packages of 4 rolls for over $4.32. What is the cost of one roll in the package?


Answer: x > $1.08