30- Second Speech

Kagan Strategies

What is it?

Students are given new information (from reading, video clip, etc.) and they need time to make sense of this new content. The teacher poses a question to the class and asks them to plan a 30 second speech. Students jot down their thoughts or just quietly examine their thinking. Students are then paired up and each person gives their 30 second speech to their partner.

What does it look like non digital?

Students partner up once their planning time is over and they orally give their 30 second speech face to face.

What does it look like in a digital classroom?

Students can use a free ipad app like "Sock Puppets" or "Tellagami" to create a talking avatar to tell their thoughts. These apps are limited to 30 seconds. Students could then do a gallery crawl to see the thoughts of their classmates. If students do not have access to an iPad, they could use a talking avatar program like "Voki" on the computer. You could also use "FlipGrid" to incorporate this strategy.

Content Specific Ideas:


Write a 30 second speech about how to solve a problem.

Write a 30 second summary of a passage.

Write a 30 second explanation of a scientific concept

Social Studies:

Write a 30 second explanation of a "period of history"