Granger School Weekly Newsletter

April 30 - May 4, 2018

Culture of Dignity: Lesson 8

This Week: Finding Support

Students may hesitate to talk to adults for several reasons. They do not want to be a "snitch". They may feel it is a sign of weakness. They may have had a bad experience in the past, where the situation wasn't handled correctly and it made the problem worse. The goal is to focus on adults who can help the student know they do not have to go it alone.


*Find and strengthen relationships which help them

*Examine why it is hard to ask for support or help

*Learn how to give supportive advice

*Identifying allies


Recalling how advice you didn't like was said or how it was said.

Recalling advice the made you want to listen and how the message was conveyed.

Identifying and define their own support network.

Finding trust and connection support with the same-sex friendships.


To honestly look at your own behavior, or the need to think in a different way, and listening to things you don't want to hear.

Finding someone willing to constructively tell them what needs to be heard, and who will help when it is asked.

Everyone needs someone to support them.

Give support advice from an advice-column perspective.

Would you follow your own advice?

Remember to use SEAL strategy.

Make someone seeking advice feel listened to, acknowledged, and given a realistic way to think through the problem.

Make no assumptions, as it makes it harder to be a friend, or to count on friends.

Make a criteria of the things you need in an ally.

Due to testing, two lessons will be presented next week:

Recognizing and Respecting Boundaries Pg. 127

Sexual Harassment pg. 133

The programs credit goes to:

Book: Owning Up: Empowering Adolescents to Confront Social Cruelty, Bullying, and Injustice by Rosalind Wiseman

Resources: Interested in learning more?

Books for further research by Rosalind Wiseman:

Queen Bees & Wannabes

Masterminds & Wingmen

Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads



Quotes of the Week

Sometimes we expect to much from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. - Unknown

Whenever I feel weak, I'll remember those who make me strong. And whenever I start to doubt myself, I'll remember those who believe in me. - Unknown

Word of the Week


1. bear all or part of the weight

2. give assistance to, especially financially, enable to function or act

3. computing: (of a computer or operating system) allow the use or operation of (a program, language, or device.)

Fill Up On The Good Stuff

As the media "outputs" negative news, we must remember to "input" the good stuff. Actively seeking positive quotes and self-help advice on a daily basis allows the "good stuff" to sink in.

Today's fill up: self-help. Below you will find an info graph with tips to less the stress.

Big picture

Granger Lion Baseball Camp Starts June 4th

Grades 1-9 have the opportunity to show off, and learn, new skills during a three day camp. To preserve a memory, campers are given prizes. (Jerseys, Caps, Balls, etc.) Campers do need to remember to bring their own bat, glove, sunscreen, water bottle, and cap to stay cool, hydrated, and ready to play.

Dates: June 4-6, 2018

Time: 9:00-11:00

Place: Granger Lion Baseball Field

Cost: $35 (checks made payable to Granger Baseball)

Forms can be found in high school office and elementary foyer.

Return form to school office as early as possible, but can register first day of camp.

***If less than 10 campers, the program will be cancelled, so throw on that cap and grab that bat!

Fact or Fiction

Fake news has become a popularized catch phrase. The real news is: Can you tell what information thrown out their is a baseball, or a damaging ball of ice? Below are some helpful hints to guide you on the quest to participate in the real game of life.

1. Read beyond the headline. Don't let it pull a fast one, and "balk" you out. No telling what will pop fly to your computer.

(Side note: In baseball, a pitcher can commit a number of illegal motions or actions that constitute a balk.)

2. Consider the source. What is its purpose? Check with Snopes, PolitFact, or

3. Check out the author. What makes them qualified to write about it?

4. Check the date. Is it old, revised, or updated?

5. Check the links. If there are a lot of broken links, it should break your trust.

6. Check the comments. People will call them out.

7. Evaluate supporting quotes. Is it even relevant to the story?

8. Is it satire? Really, are they joking...

9. Be real with yourself. Are your beliefs clouding your judgement?

10. Here is one we probably don't know about: Conduct a reverse image search.

The photo should reflect the story. Click, drag, and drop in If the image appears in different types of stories, it loses its claim to what it says.

Informational tips source from: EBSCO

Planning Ahead/Quick Reminders

Mon. April 30 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

Wed. May 2 All Sports Banquet 6:00 pm

Tues. May 1 Pre-K-K registration 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Wed. May 2 Pre-K-K registration 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Thurs. May 3 Lower elementary field trip

Thurs. May 3 NHS Banquet 6:30

Fri. May 4 Band Competition Grades 5-12 in Riesel @ 4:00 pm

Sat. May 5 HS Band Spring Trip 5:30 am-10:00 pm

Wed. May 9 School Board Meeting 6:30

The JH and HS award assembly will both be held on Thurs. May 10th.

May 10: JH Awards Assembly 6:00 pm in Student Center

May 10: HS Awards Assembly at 7:00 pm in Student Center

***May 11 All Library Books Due

***May 11 All fees due for lost/damaged books and Laptop Insurance payments

***SENIORS: All obligations due to go on trips!

May 11-12 HS Track @ State University of Texas

Sat. May 12 Lakefest

Wed. May 16 Athletic Booster Club meeting 6:00

Thurs. May 17 Kindergarten Graduation @ 1:30 in Student Center

May 17-18 State Tennis Tournament @ Texas A&M

Friday May 18 Elementary Field Day

5/18 6th Grade Band Trip

5/18 - UIL Field Trip to Mel's Bowling - 8:30-11:15 - 5th, 7th, 8th, and 9-11th grades

5/21 5th Grade Band Trip

5/22 - UIL Field Trip to Mel's Bowling - 8:30-11:15 - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 12th grades

Senior Trip: Wednesday, May, 23rd--BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas

Senior Field Trip: Thursday, May 24th--The Domain, Austin, Texas

5/24 Elementary Awards PREK-2nd @ 8:10-9:30 3rd-4th @ 9:40-10:40

5/25 EARLY RELEASE 1:00 pm Last Day of School!

Sat. May 26 High School Graduation 2:00 @ Taylor Event Center


*Summer school begins Monday, 6/4/18

*Granger Lion Baseball Camp June 4-6th 1st-9th Grade $35 due by first day of camp

*Basketball Camp Grades 1st-9th June 11-13 from 9:30-11:00 $30 due upon arrival - for more detail call 512-771-1905 or email

*NCA Cheer Camp 6/11-6/14 @ Texas A&M University

*Mini Cheer Camp 7/16-7/20 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

Don't forget:

*To check school website

*Instagram: Follow the school yearbook @ grangerlionsyearbook

*Students have access to eBooks! Even in the summer!

User name: fullname Password: last four digits of student ID

And more...

Raising Fundraiser Awareness

Sat., May 5 Student Council Car Wash @ First State Bank 8:30-12:30

Student Council Mother's Day Fundraiser: Decorate a Cake: $7.00 DUE May 8th.

*Ongoing Fundraiser: SHOPPING!

School name: Granger School

School ID#: 192787

+++Family Book Store on home page and Caring for Classrooms donations count towards student's earning prizes. Merchants purchases raise money for the entire school but will not count for student's Prize Thermometer. All proceeds benefit the school.

Happy Birthday!


Chaston Kubacak 2

Dariela Reyna 6

Kody Kuhl 7

Kurt Shelman 17

Lisa Vanek 17

Becky Kubacak 22

Sherrie Lee 22

Holly Tarter 22


Kristen Chapman 6-2

Debbie Hughes 6-5

Marisol Buenrostro 6-12

Nicki Krueger 6-13

Jeff Price 6-19

Jennifer Fudge 6-30

Randy Willis 7-2

Brenda Castaneda 7-15

Seth Terry 7-15

Carol Samaniego 7-16

Nikki Marek 7-21


Renaissance Testing Dates (Reading & Math Progress Monitoring)

End of Year 04/23/2018 - 05/11/2018

STAAR, EOC, and Finals Testing Dates:

May 8-10 - High School EOC: Algebra (5/8), Biology (5/9), US History (5/10)

May 14 - Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 Math, 5th & 8th Math Retest

May 15 - Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 Reading, 5th & 8th Reading Retest

May 16 - Grade 5, 8 Science

May 17 - Grade 8 Social Studies

May 22-24 Finals Week

Sports Schedules

~You are invited to the sporting events and to share the excitement and support for the hard working Granger ISD Students and Coaches!~


Thurs.-Fri. May 17-18 State Texas A&M 8am


May 11-12 State Track Meet at UT

*Remember to check school website and Dojo in case of any last minute changes due to situations beyond GISD control.

********The end is nearer than you think:

Students & Parents: Please be sure you/your student does not have any unfulfilled obligations. It's not nagging, really. It is a gentle reminder to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Possible obligations: laptop insurance, bills carried over from last year, lunch bill, lost books or other borrowed items, FCCLA fees, club dues, athletic dues. Your understanding is appreciated.

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