The Saxons

By: Ticora White

A Saxons History

The Saxons ruled over England for 600 years. They formed the basics of its culture, its language, and its borders. The Saxons are a tribe that originated from Germany that are often ignored by the Germans. They only talk about the Saxons when the topic if the history of England. The Saxons were often called 'Old Saxons'. The old Saxons lived in north-west Germany. They were conquered by the Franks after years of war. The war between them dated back to the definitive date being the year 785.

Unlike many German tribes the Saxons used short swords or smaller knives. The name of the swords were 'sax'. From this they got their name. A British monk describes the conquest of the Saxons in Britain. He said " The fierce and impious Saxons, a race hateful both to God and men [ were called ] to repel the invasions of the northern nations."

Following their arrival in Britain, the Saxons dominated their newly won land. They rapidly settled down and into a farming lifestyle. They wanted a peaceful lifestyle as well. Things were far fro peaceful though. There were many different types of Saxons.

Everything was fine in the early stages because the Saxons enemy was the indigenous British. Each group of Saxons were fighting for the land. In the Center of the Saxons villages was the hall of the local lord. Within these halls there were feasts and story telling's of the Germanic-Norse Gods and Hero's. Please enjoy the following two videos and pictures below for an even bigger and better understanding of the Saxons.

The Saxons


This is what the villages looked like for them. They focused on farming like said above.


This is what they ate. Cheese and plenty of meat. Yum!!


This is where the Saxons lived. They lived in villages.

Horrible Histories The Anglo Saxon Report

How they dressed

This is what the villagers looked like. This dressed with everything covered.