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April 11-15

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Avengers: Age of Degan--No Excuses!

I am amazed every day at the success stories I am hearing with our students. Some of these are instances where students have never had success in school. Whether it's a fifth grade ELL student who is starting to show growth in most areas, a fourth grader who has finally let down his "to cool for school facade" to put forth effort and it's working, to a third grader whose teachers worked tirelessly with parents to help him get what he needed and his growth has exploded to the point of almost making SOAR, to a second grader who struggled a few short years ago with behavior and struggles to read, but just made a 90 on a test, to a first grader who has had such academic anxiety it resulted in major meltdowns but proudly shared with me last week she can read, to a Kindergartener who I thought might had a cognitive impairment who now initiates conversation and has also shown tremendous growth academically, and a PK student who was so disruptive last year that he was being removed from class almost daily to decreasing those outbursts in frequency, duration, and intensity to the point he is almost unrecognizable! I could go on and on, these are just a handful of the stories. There are dozens in each grade level. I will tell you the common thread in all of them is YOU. It is the effort and commitment you have given these children to have belief in them when they had no belief in themselves. To teach them missing skills so that they could experience some success and given them hope that this is just the beginning of their accomplishments.

Some would say it's not the school's job to provide all of this support, it's the parents' job. Some would say that if a child is failing, as long as we are teaching that is all we can do. Not you. You recognize that a child's basic needs must be met before we can teach them. You know that research shows that it takes just one powerful connection with an adult role model to turn a child's life around. You don't make excuses, you just do what must be done. It's exhausting and frustrating at times. But begins to work, and you change a life forever. There's nothing more important. Maybe someday, legislators will figure out that this is where they should be holding schools accountable, because this is the work that we do that prepares our children to be competent, contributing citizens. If we invest in their souls, then they can learn Reading, Writing, Math, and higher level thinking. When society figures out that this is what we should be measuring, there will be no one that can compare with you.

Tomorrow is a day to share the greatness. It is National "Love My School Day". Dr. Rogers sent an email last week asking us all to contribute. There is plenty of public school bashing these days, but this is an opportunity to flood social media with all the great stories that may never be known outside the walls of your classroom. I encourage you to take a moment to share a story about Degan tomorrow. Use the hashtag: #lovemyschoolday (if you can squeeze in a #wearedegan, that would be great, too!). It can include a picture or just words, whatever you can do to capture why public schools and Degan do amazing things for kids! It can be in your classroom, or even someone else's! It's awesome to share someone else's story and show that educators don't compete with each other but celebrate each other! My goal is 100% of Degan staff members to participate!

Thank you for all you do for our students every day! You make a difference!


Week at a Glance

April 11th- Vanessa's Coaching Call 3pm

April 12th-

April 13th- Staff Meeting--I don't have anything for us so I am cancelling for this week. Happy Wednesday!

April 14th-Think College Thursday (Jeans for those that contributed to Together We Rise)

Design Team

Challenge Day 3rd-5th grades

April 15th-Club Friday 4th/2nd

SOAR Ceremony

On Deck:

Zoe's Fundraiser
Principal Meeting
Think College Thursday
4th Grade Trip to Austin
End of 1st 3 Weeks of 4th 9 Week Grading Period
School Holiday
Kinder Kick Off
Think College Thursday
Data Meeting (K-2)
Club Friday 3rd/1st

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. When schools exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in students, they collaborate around that belief. During collaboration, they align their standards as a team. As teams align standards, they need to assess the standards and manage the data. Then, and only then, can they pursue meaningful interventions with their students.