By:Kaiya Moore

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was the man who first invented the idea of communism. He was the one who did the great leap forward, the long march, the culture revolution, and Tiananmen square. All of this happened on Moa Zedong's way to the top.

why did all those things mao zedong do matter ?

All those things that he did were very stupid. Like the great leap forward and the long march which caused a lot of people to die. which also made his followers not believe in him so much. The culture revolution was when Mao Zedong actually became chairman of china. Which later he turned communist. When he did that people (like collage student and younger/older) started protesting communism in Tiananmen square. Then the red army came and killed a whole lot of people there. All this because Mao Zedong wanted communism
Tank Man (now with more raw footage)

Korean and Vietunam war

These wars were kind of alike. they both got split because the whole country doesn't want to become communist. Korea was split at 38 parallel and 17 parallel for Vietnam. The united states got involved in both wars. But the united states lost the Vietnam war. The United States got involved because they wanted to contain communism and the domino theory. The United States also that communism was wrong because people were fighting against it so that is one major reason that the United States got involved.Over all containment of communism was successful.

The Cold War & the Domino Theory


It was successful because we were able to keep all the states that are communism today in one area with an exception of Cuba. Any country that is communist today either has a bad government or has a weak economy. So communism its self is not successful.