Cellular Stress & Chronic Disease

Join us for this EXCLUSIVE EVENT!

Cellular Stress, Metabolism and Disease

Lift Pilates Studio offers you an Internationally taught workshop as to how internal and external stress impacts your metabolic rate and healing abilities.

Join presenter and wellness educator, Kimberly Garcia for this valuable two hour session learning how to take control of those known and unknown stressors, that have a negative impact to your cellular health.

If you have been experiencing chronic pain, autoimmune dysfunction, stubborn body fat or nagging health symptoms, this is the COURSE FOR YOU!

Realistic and practical answers to becoming your BEST SELF!


Early registration by April 15th is only $79!

After April 16th to the day of the event is $99.

Please send additional questions to kimgarcia@gimefitness.com or patty@theliftpilates.com or call 352-428-6368.

Cellular Stress Workshop

Saturday, April 18th, 12-2pm

383 West Brown Deer Road

Fox Point, WI

Contact Kim Garcia at kimgarcia@gimefitness.com for additional questions and/or call 352-428-6368.

The Lift Pilates Studio
West Brown Deer Rd.
Fox Point, WI 53217