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How has 2016 been so far for you? Are you still striving to accomplish your New Year's Resolutions that you made in January? Good for you if you are!! If you are one of the leaders wanting to reach goals or News Years Resolutions with doTERRA are you willing to share 5 of those goals with us? If so, post it on our FB Group page or personal message me so I can add it to our next months newsletter AND as a thank you for sharing with us you will be placed in a drawing for a bottle of CHEER!

What is Cheer? It is called the Uplifting Blend.

Cheer is an invigorating mixture of citrus and spice essential oils. Featuring Wild Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Star Anise essential oils, the resulting chemical profile is rich in monoterpene and aldehydes, renowned for their uplifting and warming properties.

Questions to ask ourselves: What is my best means of communicating? When is the best time to connect with my team up line/down line, when is it the worst? What are my goals for 2016, February, this week, and today? What are my strengthens, where do I need to grow? What are my pet peeves? What makes me laugh? What is my best learning style? Which oil is my very favorite? Which oil have I never gotten to try yet? How much sleep do I need to function well? What can I do to make sure I get the amount of sleep? Am I drinking enough water? What are my paper giants or toothless lions that stop me from doing the things I need to do? What do I fear? Do I love sharing doTERRA? What do I need to do to become a better leader? When am I headed to Elite Retreat? What frontline leaders am I taking with me when I go to Elite Retreat? My favorite color is green! What is your favorite color? How many of my members are going with me to CONVENTION? How many classes am I teaching this month? Am I afraid to teach classes? What do I avoid doing? What do I LOVE about doTERRA? Is it worth my time to read this newsletter?

For Those Sharing doTERRA or Who Want Extra Help to Grow Your Business or to Get Your Oils Paid for...This is for YOU!!

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Diamond Club Class Requirement Information

If you decide to partner with me to bring the hope and power of doTERRA essential oils to others I will be so grateful! Diamond Club provides a unique opportunity that differs slightly from regular events that you may have hosted or taught. Because of this, I wanted to share some information in order for you to understand the requirements and to support you in making this the most meaningful experience possible if you should decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

i. Diamond Club events provide incentives for attendees to enroll! These are in addition to any other promotions that doTERRA is offering. For example, in the past enrollees who made an initial purchase of 100PV or more got a FREE bottle of Past Tense. If they had an initial purchase of 400PV or more they received a FREE bottle of Past Tense AND Deep Blue. In addition to both of these, if they set up an LRP order of at least 100PV for the following month, they would receive 25PV in product points in their LRP account.

ii. Diamond Club events must have: 1. A Diamond Club participant present! I must be able to hug you and your attendees, however I do not have to teach the class. This means YOU have an opportunity to teach and receive feedback and coaching from me, as well as for your enrollees to earn great prizes! A double whammy! 2. Someone from the local area must be on 100pv LRP the month of the class. Without someone from the local area on at least 100 LRP the class will not count for a DC class and participates cannot receive the bonus incentives from doTERRA. 3. All who enroll from a DC class need to be entered in through the DC portal to qualify for the FREE incentives. All attendees who want to enroll from a DC class need to be entered by me to qualify for bonuses doTERRA gives. Let me know sponsor and enroller placements for each person and that is where they will be placed.

iii. Diamond Club participants have a monthly enrollment goal! For each month, I am to enroll 18 new Wellness Advocates. Think of the GROWTH for your team! Because of this, I am intending to enroll at least 3 new Wellness Advocates at each event. Please keep this in mind as you are prospecting and inviting to classes. Because I do not know your contacts, I am depending on you to prepare your attendees. The doTERRA Share Guide has amazing ideas for filling classes!

iv. Diamond Club requires YOUR help! As you invite your friends and family, remember they are your contacts! You are the person your attendees know the best. So, please plan on following up with your attendees to make sure they get a great start with doTERRA. Let me know if you need resources to help conduct wellness consults, explaining the Loyalty Rewards Program, or explaining the benefits of membership.

v. Diamond Club is all about serving! My heart is to help you reach your wellness and business goals. While I have monthly enrollment requirements and rank advancement goals, these do not drive me or my vision for my time as a Diamond Club participant. I want to serve you in creating a rewarding life. Please let me know what you need from me, and how I can best support you!

Together we can make a difference, offer hope, and empower others - one person, one drop at a time!

Use this Link to Learn More About the Details of the New Year, NEW YOU Promo


Remember for the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU" promo for January, you can use the code "newyou" to qualify anyone that enrolled in January with 100pv and places a 100pv LRP order. This gives them 100 credits in their credit bank!! This is like $100 dollars that they can have to spend on oils! It is a great promo. If you have questions ask the person who enrolled you. This is TIME SENSITIVE information so do not delay to make sure those you have enrolled have entered the code to qualify! NEW YEAR, NEW YOU goes through February to share and give your new team members an extra 100 credit points!! It is a GREAT way to start out in doTERRA!

Sharing Hope, Opportunities and Building Friendships! Fireworks & Congratulations!!!

TOP Enrollers for January....

  • Jaime Pope
  • Tracy Newman
  • Mariah Bebeau
  • Judy Smith
  • Sheryl Porter
  • Jennifer Pohle
  • Terrie King
  • Maria Llanes
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New Manager! What does it take to become a Manager?

Place a 100pv order and get 500ov in team volume in one month.

Judy Smith

Keila Morales

Next rank: Director (100pv and 1,000ov in one month)!

We will be watching for you next month ladies!


  • Leadership is happening this month in California and Florida for Silvers and above! Be watching for updates and happenings! Who is coming with me next year? Let's work together helping you reach Silver rank, qualifying you to go. It would be so much more fun with you along!
  • Post on our FB Group Page what my favorite (2) colors are for a chance to win a bottle of Purify. The answer is in this newsletter!

Business Builders

How to Close More Sales - The Law of 4 Interactions

Laren & Donna Stafford

We are doing this together (Yay =))! While I am off teaching DC classes in Florida, S.C., Oregon, Texas, Idaho, etc. Laren and our daughter Lexi will be teaching classes locally, keeping our local team supported! It doesn't get much better than this!