Junior Newsletter Class of 2020

December 2018: Crosby Scholars is here to help!

Junior year...you're almost there

You are half-way through your junior year, now is the time to really buckle down and start preparing for what's ahead in order to make the next two years as smooth as possible before you begin college. Don't forget, though, Crosby Scholars is here to help!

Crosby Scholars exists with you in mind. Your junior year is the beginning of some big decisions. Because a lot is going to happen this year, you'll find that deadlines are approaching soon for Junior Crosby Scholars activities so you can stay focused and on schedule.

Must attend one Junior Academy during Junior Year!

Have you attended your Junior Academy yet? If not, only two dates are left! Register through your Crosby portal for the date you plan to attend.

Remember, all Crosby Scholars must complete at least ONE academy per academic year. Sessions for the Junior Academy are SAT/ACT Prep - very relevant topics for your junior year since the ACT will be given to all Juniors at your high school in February.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Check-in at 9:30 a.m

Location: Mitchell Community College Mooresville, 219 North Academy Street, Mooresville, NC 28115

Saturday, January 26, 2019

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Check-in at 9:30 a.m.

Location: Mitchell Community College, 500 West Broad Street, Statesville, NC

Everything you want to know about Community College

Saturday, Feb 2, 2019

10 am to 12 noon

Check in at 9:30 am

Location: Goodwill Workforce Development Center, 124 Fourth Crescent Place, Statesville, NC 28625


January 31, 2019!

Why such an early deadline for community service, you may ask? Well, a lot is going to happen during the spring semester! By getting your community service hours done earlier in the year, you'll have time to focus on the things happening during the spring semester (like testing).

You only have to do 2 hours of community service. Get your form submitted before the deadline and breathe a sigh of relief.

You have several ways you can submit your community service form:

  • Snail mail or drop off in-person to the Crosby Scholars office:

    124 Fourth Crescent Place, Statesville, NC 28625

  • Fax: 704-873-4891
  • Email: info@crosbyscholarsiredell.org
  • Turn it in at an academy
  • Upload it in your portal under My Documents

what counts as community service

You're a high school junior now, and with that title comes the responsibility of selecting more meaningful community service projects. What you do for the next two years is going to be evaluated by college admission representatives. Take the time to research for opportunities that will allow you to explore possible careers, develop leadership skills, and make lasting, professional connections.

If you had to write an admission essay at this very minute and the topic was "Describe the lasting impact you have made on a community service activity and discuss the impact it has had on you", could you provide a response that would "WOW" them and make you stand out against the other applicants to that particular college?

Just because Crosby Scholars requires you to do only two hours doesn't mean that you should stop only at two hours. We want you to always strive for more! Don't just settle for doing the bare minimum. You need to always seek to go above and beyond.

Mandatory Rising Senior Meeting


The Mandatory Rising Senior Meeting is meant to introduce juniors and their parents to the Crosby Scholars Senior Program requirements and services available to guide you through selecting a senior advisor. During this meeting, we will also review a checklist of activities you will need to work on during the spring and summer prior to your Senior Year. This summer is short for Iredell/Statesville School system and your time will be limited.

Meetings are being scheduled at each high school to make it convenient for students and parents. I will schedule several MRSM on weekends in case you cannot attend the meeting scheduled at your high school.

You must attend one Rising Senior Meeting in order to participate in the Senior Program.

North Iredell High School & ASEC - 1/24/19 6 pm @NIHS

Statesville High School & Crossroads - 2/5/19 6 pm @SHS

South Iredell High School - 2/7/19 6 pm @SIHS

Mooresville High School - 2/19/19 6 pm @MHS

West Iredell High School - 2/12/19 @WIHS

Lake Norman High School - 1/29/19 @LNHS

Pine Lake Prep - 2/25/19 @PLP

Langtree - 1/31/19 6 pm @Langtree Upper School

CCTL, iAcademy & Any junior not able to attend a meeting at their school - 2/16/19 10 am @Goodwill Career Connections Center, 124 Fourth Crescent Place, Statesville, NC 28625

Please register online through the Crosby Portal

Prepare for Testing

Big picture

The SAT/ College Board Scholarship

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Starting with the class of 2020, the College Board website is offering scholarships to students who complete different tasks in conjunction with their website.

  1. Build Your College List
  2. Practice for the SAT
  3. Improve Your Score
  4. Strengthen Your College List
  5. Complete the FAFSA
  6. Apply to Colleges
  7. Complete all six scholarship steps to be eligible for a $40,0000 scholarship.

Follow this link for details on eligibility requirements and how to apply.

A free online source for SAT Prep is found here:


Payment information for the SAT is available when you register for the test. To qualify for a fee waiver, see your Guidance Counselor. Qualifying students can receive up to 2 SAT and ACT fee waivers. You may send your scores to four colleges of your choice.

SAT Registration:



The ACT is the other widely accepted national college entrance exam. It is said that the ACT is accepted at every college and university in the United States of America. Every junior in the public school system in the state of North Carolina is required to take the ACT in February, at no cost to the student. The ACT tests students in the subject areas of: English, Mathematics, Science, and Reading. Some key features regarding the ACT are:

-Scores are based on the correct number of answers, with no penalty for incorrect responses,

-Helps students to gauge their level of preparedness for both college and career pathways,

-In addition to English, Mathematics, and Reading, the ACT also measures what students have learned in school as it relates to Science,

-Offers an optional essay. Even though the essay is optional, test prep experts strongly recommend that you complete the essay portion because there may be some colleges that require it. If you don't take it, but later learn you need it, you'll have to retake the entire ACT again and cannot elect just to take the essay portion.

-Aside from being a national college entrance exam, the ACT also offers a profile and planning section for education and career planning to help with planning life after high school.

Again, every junior will take the ACT in March for free. Take the time to study for it and take it seriously because colleges may see this score. As with the SAT, please check with your Guidance Counselor if you have questions.

Free ACT preparation can be found here:


Attend a College Fair or Tour 4 Colleges/Universities

During the junior or senior year of Crosby Scholars, you are required to go to a college fair or tour four colleges/universities.

There is a required form that needs to be submitted to document your participation. Visit www.crosbyscholarsiredell.org to print the latest copy.

If you choose to attend a College Fair, we ask that you meet with 4 college representatives and ask each rep to sign your form verifying your conversation.

If you choose to visit colleges, we ask that you visit 4 college campuses. Upon attending the admission session, ask the admissions representative to sign your form verifying your attendance. After attending the fourth school and collecting all signatures, you must submit this form immediately to the Crosby Scholars office.

College Fair/College Tour forms can be submitted in the same ways you can submit your community service forms.

Crosby Scholars will offer college visit trips during spring break. By attending one of these trips, your college fair/college tour requirement will be fulfilled.

(A signed letter from each school on college letterhead detailing the date of your admissions visit will also suffice or a selfie with your Admissions Counselor will also be accepted.)

junior grade advisor meetings

As a Crosby Scholar, you have the opportunity to attend Grade Advisor Meetings. These sessions are held at your school once a month during the second semester. Grade Advisor Meetings aim to provide insight into the college process. You will discuss important topics such as:

-how to become a competitive college applicant,

-how to select the best school for you,

-filling out the college application,

-writing essays,

-letters of recommendation,

-test-taking tips,

-campus visits, and so much more!

Grade Advisor Meetings are not mandatory, however, they are an excellent opportunity to gain information regarding the college admissions process. Please attend as many of these sessions as your schedule will allow. Crosby Scholar officers will be selected at one of these Grade Advisor Meetings. If you are interested in a leadership opportunity your senior year, be sure to attend. You will receive an email notification once the meeting dates are added!