War of 1812

SJ Lackey

American History

We can tell you almost anything you want to know about the history of america. This time you will hear about the "War of 1812" and facts and what caused and what happened.

Causes of The War:

There are several causes to the war of 1812. One reason is the Native Americans were attacking along the Mississippi River, but they were encouraged by the british. Impressments also continued, while the british set up a blockade blocking trade and travel. William Henry planned a surprise on the americans at Tippecanoe. And finally Telcumset tried to unite the Indiana territory against america.

Battle Regions:

The chesapeake Campaign is one of the two battle regions I will be talking about today. This is when the British burn the White house and the Capitol building to the ground in D.C. Also the american ship "Old Ironsides" sinks some of the british ships and most likely to get through the british blockade.

Effects of the war:

There are many effects of the war. The U.S. get world wide respect from other countries just because they won the war. Factories were made because of the british blockade. Because of the blockade the U.S. economy was hurt really bad and losing money. Native Americans lose a lot of the land and the also lose a lot of power because of the war. After the war is over it makes the Federalists look bad in front of the nation. And finally the U.S. accepts Canada as a british neighbor.