Miss Tigges's 2nd Grade Newsletter

January 8, 2016

Reading written by Harshini

This week, we are learning about reading with good fluency. We learned to read accurately. This means reading the right words. The second thing you do is read with good pace. That means not too fast or too slow. The third thing is read with expression. That means read with feeling to sound like the characters. The last thing you do when you read with fluency is read smoothly. That means you put the right words together and remember to pause at punctuation.

We practiced and performed Reader's Theater skits to help us practice reading with fluency.

Thank you for reading my reading newsletter. :)

Writing written by Iman

This week in writing, we wrote out new year's resolutions or goals. Now we are going to be writing some personal narratives. Personal narratives are something that tells people a small part about something you did. Our personal narratives are about a lesson that we have learned in our life.
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Are you still enjoying our newsletter? :)

Math written by Adithi

In math, we've been subtracting multi-digit numbers. We have also been doing some multiplication. Multiplication is basically repeated addition. We learned about number of groups and number of items in each group. Some children's goals are: addition, subtraction, time, and money.

Science written by Henry

In science, we have been trying to balance a pencil, a crayfish, and a paper arm on a popsicle stick. If we touched the objects we balanced and they didn't fall, we learned this is a stable position. We also made moblies out of paper, straws, rubber bands, and paper clips. We tried to balance the paper on both sides of the mobile. We will learn about motion next.

Almost made it to the end...KEEP GOING! :)

Leader in Me written by Cara

Before winter break we wrote 7 Habit Skits as groups in our class. Be on the watch out for a Leader in Me video to be coming out soon! :)

The first habit of the seven habits is Be Proactive. This means you have a can-do attitude. The second habit is: Begin with the End in Mind. This means plan ahead and set goals. The third habit is Put First Things First. This means do your work before you play. The fourth habit is: Think Win-Win. This means everyone succeeds. The fifth habit is Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. This means to listen to others' ideas and feelings. Habit 6 is Synergize. This means get along with others, even when with people who are different from me. The last habit is Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw. It means I should take care of my body by eating right, exercising, and getting a lot of sleep.

Upcoming Dates...

  • January 11-Teacher Work Day, No School
  • January 13-Early Dismissal
  • January 18-Martin Luther King Day, No School
  • January 22-Woodland Hills night at Waukee Basketball Game at the Fieldhouse