Weekend Getaway Incentive

Incentive Period: December 1, 2013 thru March 31, 2014

3 Requirements to Earn it:

1) Achieve $2,500 you and new 3 out of 4 months of the qualification period.

2) Sign up 5 PC's OR 1 Consultant 3 our of 4 months direct to you during the qualification period.

3) Promote 1 NEW District Manager that you personally sponsored during the qualification period.

When: Incentive weekend will take place in May or June 2014

Details: We will begin our getaway on Saturday at noon and end on Sunday at noon.

Joining together at a location to be announced......

We will have networking time, Gourmet Dinner, wine, dessert, gifts and more......

We want to see you there!!!

Love, Your VP team