Week 5: Fall 2019

September 9-13

A Note From Your Directors

Staley Band Families,

ALL Band students: Mooyah Spirit Night on Tuesday! UNT Permission slips due on Friday, please see below for more details.

Beginning Band: Instruments are coming home this week on the student's block day!

Advanced Band: Please check in with your student to ensure they have turned in their canvas assignment each week.

-Mr. Wood, Ms. Hoffman, Mr. Martinez, & Mr. Seymour


This schedule is for Symphonic and Honor Bands Only.

Mooyah Spirit Night

Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 4-9pm

5170 Main Street

Frisco, TX

Come out to Mooyah and support the Staley Band!

Make sure to mention you are "With The Band" and part of your receipt will be sent back to The Staley Band!

September Reward Event - UNT Symphonic Band Concert

We are so lucky to be less than an hour from a world class music school!

For our September reward trip we are attending The University of Oklahoma's Symphonic Band Concert!

Who: Any 6th-8th grade band student who is passing all of their classes

When: September 26th from 5:40pm-9:45pm

Please click HERE for more information.

All students were given a permission slip on Friday and were told it is due NO LATER than Friday, September 13th! We will NOT be accepting late permission slips.

BB Instruments Coming Home!!!

All Beginning Band instruments will be coming home this week on their block day! Woo!

Parents, thank you for being patient with this process! While the sounds you may be hearing now might not be what you are expecting, we promise it is worth it!..."The juice is worth the squeeze!"


Practicing is something that we encourage and is important to a student's success but students may sometimes be confused on what that looks like to them!

All students should be referring to their class goals for practice items.

Below are some things you should be hearing during practice:

Beginners: Rhythm couning out of their 'Count Me In' book, Music ABC chants, Woodwind - Short Horn, Brass - mouthpiece buzzing. Perc - Rudiments from class

Concert - Scales, their ensemble, rhythms out of their 'Count Me In' book, and pep tunes

Honor - Scales, rhythms out of their 'Count Me In' book, and pep tunes

Symphonic - Scales, their all region music, their band music, and pep tunes

**All students should be practicing with a metronome to help them keep a steady beat! I have listed a few options below.

Private Lessons

  • Lessons play a vital role in the individual students success in band! Lesson are for the students who might be a little behind, and even for those who are excelling and would like an added enriching challenge.

  • By visiting www.staleyband.org/lessons you will be taken to our web page to enroll in lessons.
  • Once the form is completed, Ms. Hoffman will match you with the appropriate private instructor. Each private instructor is officially background checked with FISD.

We are eagerly waiting to hear back from a horn instructor.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

Private Lesson Sponsorships

Our lesson program is in full swing and we are thrilled! This is valuable 1-1 time with a professional on their instrument that Mr. Wood and Ms. Hoffman wish everyone had the opportunity to have!

We have recently been made aware of a couple needs of full private lessons sponsorships, that should you be inclined to help, we would be grateful!

Lessons cost $20 per week and currently our BPA is able to sponsor up to $10 per lesson. The need currently would be for a full sponsorship of lessons for individual students.

Here is the breakdown of cost per semester for this school year:

  • Fall 2019 - 14 weeks left at $20 per week: $280
  • Spring 2020 - 19 week at $20 per week: $380

If you know of a business or individual wanting to donate to an organization that will have a direct effect on student success please put them in contact with Ms. Hoffman

Due to FERPA confidentiality reasons, we cannot give out student information for sponsorships but we promise any dollar donated will directly benefit a need we are aware of.

Band Parent Association: Volunteers NEEDED!


  • Concessions Coordinator: Don't want to do it alone? Grab a band parent friend and volunteer together! This position would be great for 2 people.
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Special Events: Main requirement is the Spring Concert Silent Auction

Please reach out to a director if you are interested in being on the board.


We also need help with filling our concession stand with volunteers on our assigned nights! This is a big fundraiser for us and we cannot run it without volunteers!

Please click HERE for more information on dates/times and to sign up.

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Upcoming Events

  • Sept 10: Spirit Night Fundraiser (4pm-9pm) - Mooyah
  • Sept 16: Adult Volunteers needed for football concessions
  • Sept 17: Adult Volunteers needed for football concessions
  • Sept 23: Band Fundraiser Begins
  • Sept 25: Spirit Night - Whataburger @ Eldorado
  • Sept 26: Social Event - UNT Symphonic Band Concert
  • Oct 1: High School Marching Band Showcase @ The Star
  • Oct 4: FHS Combined Night (AB Students Only)
  • Oct 9: October Concert at FHS
  • Oct 10: Social Event - Movie Party
  • Oct 10: Spirit Night (11am - 9pm) - Cowboy Chicken
  • Oct 15: Adult Volunteers needed for football concessions
  • Oct 16: Adult volunteers needed for football concessions
  • Oct 18: MHS Combined Night (AB Only)