Operation Outside Order....

stacking up your rewards....

Free Jewelry is so fun...

ANNOUNCING Operation Outside Order!
This flash incentive will run from June 27th until June 30th. The Gem leaders really want to challenge you to make the most of what June has to offer! WE love the idea of seeing how many outside order we can collect as a team and of course everything is more fun when doing it as a group and if there is a chance for a prize!

Remember for every $1000 you sell you will get a $100 jewellery credit for the new line, from home office. This is in addition to that!

THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO WORK (not yelling, just excited!)

For every outside order you get your name entered into a draw for $25 S&D gift card. Every time we as a team hit another $800 in outside orders we will draw for another one! Take part in this fun challenge on our facebook Gems page as well and get entered in 2 contests at the same time........Crazy

BTW Allie Stephens already won herself a gift card this way yesterday!



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Already doing Amazing things this Month....

You ladies have already earned $100 in credits from HO and free pair of earrings from me!

Leading the pack is our newest member:
Geralyn Miller $1696
Laura Davey $1308
Allie Stephens $1182
Lisa Haynes $1104 (our beautiful bride to be in less than a month!) and
Danielle Semple $1030