Mercy Peek & Ponder

Faculty/Staff Edition Sunday, May 15, 2016

End-of-Year Items for Review & Action

Letter of Intent: Should be carefully reviewed, signed and returned to me by Friday, May 20, 2016. If you intent is to return, carefully review the expectations and plan accordingly. You will find it in your mailbox.

Final Examination Schedule: Please coordinate within your grade cohort to create an examination schedule between the dates: 06/01 and 06/10. Send me a copy by Tuesday, May 31st. I do NOT need a Middle School Schedule - you will find it in your mailbox.

Promotion Lists: promotion lists are due to me by Wednesday, June 1st. Coordinate with your grade partners and teachers receiving the promoted students …. Sort by academic ability ….. ensure gender equally split among rooms …. Special problems should be indicated on list. Lists should be divided Boys/Girls, last name, first name. Please consult page 7 of the OLM Parent/Student Handbook.

Summer Reading & Math Assignments: Please email Renee your summer reading assignment by Thursday, May 26th. It will be posted on our website.

Stationary Lists: Please email Renee your stationary lists. Lists should be by grade – Middle School (grades 6-8) should be one list. Due by Thursday, May 26th.

“Specials”: Please consult below list for end-of-year specials information

a. Art – ends 05/26

b. Library – ends 05/26

c. Computer – ends 05/25

d. Gym/Health – ends 06/07

e. Music – ends 06/07

f. Spanish – ends 06/07

Summer Tutoring: if you are available for summer tutoring, please email Renee with your grade(s). subjects, and specific availability by Friday, May 20th. This list will then be communicated to our parents.

Summer Workshop: please conduct an audit of your students and make a list of students you feel would benefit from attending the Summer Workshop at OLM from July 11-15. Certainly students who received math/reading remediation with Kasey would benefit. Those students who see Kathy Collier will be contacted by Kathy herself. Once you complete your list, then email each parent individually indicating your desire that they attend. You have valuable and keen insight into who would benefit and from my standpoint, it is vitally important to have the parents either accept or decline the invitation. No student will be turned away for not being able to afford the program.

Formal Plans

Next week (May 16) will be the last week for formal plans.

Teacher Evaluations

Archdiocesan evaluations will be available shortly. I will be meeting with each of you for an end-of-year review.

MCIU End-of-Year Testing

Kasey will be conducting testing in the computer room on the following dates:

05/12 & 5/13 and 05/19 & 05/20. The lab will be closed for anything other than testing. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. Thanks!

Performance Assessments

Archdiocesan Performance Assessments will be conducted May 16th to May 25th. Please schedule them with your students anytime in this window. Take into account that they may need more than one day to complete. I will have them to your mailboxes by week's end.

Some Schedule Changes ...

Faculty Meeting: Monday, June 13th is for all teachers