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Happy Saturday! We have had a very fun week here at WSES from exploring clocks and time to understanding what wants & needs are and learning about earning and saving money. Did your kids ask you if they had a savings account? The kids have been very busy thinking about something they want and setting a money goal to help them buy it. This includes coming up with a way (job) to help them earn it. Ask your child what their ideas are =).

Friday we started talking about careers and what they might want to be when they grow up. The kids made a word cloud today with some possible job ideas (check out the pic of our word cloud above). We talked about the importance of picking a job that interest them. Over the weekend, have discussion about this with your child. See what job they are thinking about. Help them discover a little bit more about it. Next week, the kids will begin writing about the job they choose and on the following week we will be having Career Day. The kids will come to school dressed up as their "career" and we will be making a cool project. Also, we would love to have some parents come share about their job and what it is like (maybe 20 min). If you have a cool job that you'd like to share with the kids email me and we can set aside some time throughout the next two weeks to let you present.

Your kids are learning how to tell time. We talked this week about telling time to the hour and half hour. We will be working more with this next week, but have your child practice telling time with you. This will help them learn this skill.

Don't forget about the Math Stars/Sunshine Math. We put the ones that came back Friday in the Friday Folders for you to work on. These are due on Monday. If your child finished his/hers then we have those. I hope the kids enjoyed this new challenge.

Assignment strips came home in Friday Folders. Please look over those. Also, it is time for track change requests. If you are considering another track (1, 2, or 4); you can make those changes by contacting Angie Lloyd either by email ( or by calling the office. The window for these requests closes on Feb. 3.

Y'all stay warm and safe in the winter weather. Hopefully we will be back at school on Monday.

Take Care,

Ms. Gower


  • Math Stars/Sunshine Math is due Monday =)
  • Look over your child's assignment strip.
  • Check out our class Twitter page & Facebook page. I am posting pics daily of the happenings in our classroom. It's a great way for you to see what your child is doing and helps you start conversations with them about their day. Also, I will be posting if there are any delays or closings for Monday due to the weather.

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