Monday Message

Week of January 7th - 11th

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing break and was able to relax and take some much needed time to relax and recharge. Here is what lies ahead for our first week back in 2019!

Monday, January 7th:

*Beginning of the 3rd 9 Weeks*

10:30 Parent Meeting (Kelly)

3:30 Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

Tuesday, January 8th:

2:05 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

3:15 Instructional Team Meeting - Library

Wednesday, January 9th:

*Evacuation & Lockout Drill*

9:30 PTA Meeting (Traci)

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

1:20 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Thursday, January 10th:

8:00 -4:00 Collaborative Leadership Network Meeting (Kelly)

9:00 PTA Board Meeting (Traci)

Friday, January 11th:

*Morning Assembly*

10:30 Collaborative Network Online Design Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 IEP Meeting (Traci)

2:00 GT Selection Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

Something To Inspire

Take a minute to watch this brief video clip from Jon Gordon based on his book, One Word That Will Change Your Life. Use this as a springboard to help you come up with YOUR One Word for 2019. We will be doing an activity with our "One Word(s)" at our January Faculty meeting on the 29th.

Something To Make Us Laugh....

Keep in Mind.....

Some of your students have waited 2 weeks and are dying to see you.You and your classroom are the only positive and consistent place some kids have. Never underestimate the positive influence you have on your students everyday. You matter!

Something To Make Us Think/Help Us Grow...

That's all I have for our first week of 2019. While we are entering the busiest and longest part of the school year, I have no doubt that it will be a fabulous journey! Here's to a wonderful 2019 and an a smooth first week back!