By Tomas O'Sullivan

What are symbols?

Symbols are a simple picture that means something important
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This is the cross. This is what jesses got crucified on.
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This symbol is a dove it represents peace.

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this is an ancient symbol of fish.

Jewish symbols

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The Star of David

The star of David, Known in hebrew as the shield of David or Magen David, is a generally recognized symbol of jewish identity and Judaism.


jewish rituals

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The most noticeable ritual of Rosh Hashanah is the blowing of the shofar, a ram’s horn.

Religious beliefs

It is something that you believe in that has to do with your life, your family and religion.
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This is a picture of god but really no one has ever seen god but religious people do.

Jewish Beliefs

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Jewish people believe in the afterlife. the after life is when you die you have another life.

Myths and stories

A Myth is something people people have made up, it could be a story. Some stories can be true.
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Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is a story and a myth when people were too bad in the world so Noah got every animal male and female of each and then the whole world would cover over with water and only the ark would be able to withstand it.

Judaism Myth and stories

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A Coin

A coin is a jewish story it is about a boy crying he is so hungry and the father said If we are in so much hunger god would help us. so the father found a coin under the bible. see god always helps when we need it most.

Catholic sacred texts

A sacred text is a written piece that are written by people.

catholic sacred texts

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The Bible is what people wrote in.

jewish sacred texts

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The Tanakh is the jewish Bible. thats where they wrote the sacred texts in.

Social structures

Social Structures are like a hyriky from the boss to bottom.

Catholic social structures

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Jewish social structures

1. GOD



Ethics (codes of behavior)

Ethics are rules you should go by.
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Jewish ethics

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Religious Experience and spirituality

A religious Experience and spirituality are things that you think are special to you such as when a sun sets and the whole sky lights up red.
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There are some great valleys around the world witch just amazes you how wonderful they are.
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mountain views are some of the best things in life that need to be seen.