Robert Pattinson

By: Marium Chowdhury


Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson was born in May 13, 1986. He is a English actor, model, musician, and producer.Robert's parent's name is Richard Pattinson and Clare Pattinson.

Robs has 2 sister Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson. He was engaged to british singer FKA Twigs.

Career Life

Robert is famously known for his character "Edward Cullen". He started his film career by play Cedric Driggory in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Then he later became famous in the Twilight series opposite Kristen Stewart.


Other than acting, Robert also loves to sing. Robert's famous song is from Twilight "Let Me Sign" and "Never Think".
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Pictures of the handsome Robert Pattinson