Mrs. Clark's First Grade Class

Take a look at what we've been up to...

Graphing Fun

We've continued learning all about graphs. This week, we graphed our birthdays and analyzed the data. Turns out, October and May are the most popular birthday months in our class. We also worked in groups to build a dinosaur from pattern blocks, then graphed the different types of pattern blocks we used. It was fun to collect the data, graph their results, and answer questions about their creation. It was ALSO a great opportunity to work together and discuss the new vocabulary word "cooperation".

What do "good readers" do?

Good readers READ. Every day. We discussed in our "reader's workshop" time that the BEST way to become good readers is to practice, practice, practice. I used the analogy that Johnny Manziel didn't become a good football player by playing video games--he had to PRACTICE! And, we do just that! Here we are practicing "read to someone". This is partner reading at its finest--students listening to each other read, coaching each other on fluency and missed words, and even retelling the stories to one another to check that they actually understood what was read. Awesome!

Looking Ahead...

Next week, we have our Boosterthon Kickoff. As a teacher, I'm super excited about this program--it's all about building up the kids and teaching them good character lessons. As a parent, I'm ALSO super excited because it means Grace doesn't have to sell anything (and who am I kidding--I'm really the one doing all the work). More information coming.

Also, take home readers will start coming home next week with homework and spelling tests starting the following week.