baby mouse queen of the world

By:jenniferL. Holm and Matthew Holm


This book Is based on a mouse well a baby mouse at school WIth her friends she sees kitty in the hall way with a whole bunch of friends shes the popular one at school and baby mouse wants to be like her.


She wanted to go to kitty's sleep over so bad she gave up her homework to kitty cause kitty said "if you give me your homework you can come to my sleepover." so baby mouse gave it to her and she got in trouble not kitty.

Rising action

The rising action was when she went to kitty's house for the sleepover and kept on doing everything wrong spilling finger nail polish wasting popcorn on kitty's fur this time she meant to do it.Then kitty said "I knew i mad a mistake inviting you to my sleepover."


The climax of this book is when she relized that she shouldn't have left her friend and she turned back and went back to his house.And they watched a movie and ate cupcakes then they got to talking about why she was late

falling action

When kitty stared talking about boys and it didn't interest baby mouse so she left the room for a while then when she came back. They were painting nails and doing girly stuff she tried it but she failed doing it.


when she went back to her friend house and they got on with there life.She knew who here bestfriend was to begin with