Crystal Therapy Courses Coming Now

With Inspiral Mediums

Inspiral are currently training crystal practitioners - read on !

Inspiral is delighted to offer you an opportunity to qualify as a Crystal Therapy Practitioner.

This course, once completed, will allow you to qualify as an accredited Crystal Therapy Practitioner - giving you the opportunity to practice your therapy on the public.

During the course you will learn about how crystals are formed and the various varieties of crystals. You will be learning to work with and 'feel' energy not only of the crystals but of other people - working with their aura.

We will be looking at how to balance the chakras using crystals and how to complete a full crystal therapy treatment. You will also be shown how to use crystal grids and nets for therapy. We will discuss the properties of a number of crystals and also meditate and journey to connect with them.

You will learn how to choose crystals and also techniques to cleanse and charge them.

The cost of the course includes your manual and all the crystals that you need in order to carry on your work after the course - approximately 50 crystals. (This includes your lasers, wands, chakra crystals and clusters).

It also includes an Assessment Day shortly after the course (date tbc) where you will obtain your certificate

Booking NOW in Pitsea, Essex.
Price just £260 including 2 days tuition and approx 50 x crystals as above,

£50 deposit payable


For all experienced Crystal Therapy Practitioners, an opportunity to learn additional grids, wands, geometrics and more. Offer a fuller, more satisfying treatment for your clients, and gain an additional certificate and qualification to add to your collection of Crystal Therapy techniques.

Price including crystals, just £95.00

1 day course, Pitsea, 26th September

Additional Modules for Qualified Crystal Therapy Practitioners !

We are also offering a NEW RANGE of extra "add on" modules for experienced Crystal Therapy Practitioners.

MANAGING STRESS 19th July, Chopsy's Café, Grays 10-5pm

ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION 6th September, Chopsy's Café, Grays 10-5om

All £100 - use your own crystals

PAIN MANAGEMENT to follow shortly.

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