The Mystical Non-Eraser

Try and Erase But You Will Always Find The Same Trace

The Eraser of The Future!

There are many kids who make the mistake of erasing their work and this uses their energy. Starting now, the new revolutionary supply of the year has come to town to be known as the mystical NON-eraser. Many kids from across the world are using this now one-of-a-kind item. You are the only person left who just needs to get up and find this product that is left in a limited amount of stores. Studies from scientists show that 99.9% of a regular kid's energy is saved by using the mystical non-eraser instead of actually trying to erase your work. Come to stores now before its to late!!! Students from regular schools love the way it works because of how it saves the lives of misspelled words and phrases and they also love it because of it's low,low price of one dollar. The best thing is that this eraser can't erase anything except for your bad dreams and nightmares. Teachers approve it to be the greatest improvement of the normal eraser. We want you to try it out before you miss out on this one-of-a-kind product!!! Buy now and you will help save the lives of misspelled words and non-sensible words by not changing or erasing them. Hurry before these one-of-a-kind products try and find a way to erase themselves away.(To be noted,they won't actually erase themselves because they can last forever).