The Dryden Red and Black

January 23, 2023

Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Lori Hall

by Audrey Napolitano

Mrs. Hall works in Dryden Junior/Senior High School’s office as the Secretary to the Superintendent. She has a Bachelor’s in General Management from Oakland University. She loves to read, spend time with family, and take trips to Colorado. Mrs. Hall loves animals, especially sloths. She would love to run her own animal sanctuary, and she has an obsession with chapstick.

She stated “Dryden is an amazing place to live, work and raise your family. I decided to work here to be closer to my kids. I couldn't imagine not working here now. I feel as though it is a privilege to work in such an amazing place. The staff here is truly one of a kind - they are my family now, too,” when asked about why she chose Dryden. Mrs. Hall said that her favorite thing about Dryden is that everyone knows everyone and cares deeply for each other. She said that she loves how much this community cares about each other. Her words of motivation for students are to always “reach for the stars, you can do anything you put your mind to”.

Students Say...

compiled by Audrey Napolitano

We sent out a Google Form with three questions for all of the students in Dryden Junior/ Senior High School about their favorite thing about Mrs. Hall, their favorite memory with Mrs. Hall, and the most valuable lesson they learned from Mrs. Hall. Here are the responses:

  • Lola Abromaitis said that her favorite thing about Mrs. Hall is how she always takes care of her and makes sure she feels loved. Her favorite memory with Mrs. Hall was when Mrs. Hall came to the realization that Lola was royalty. The most valuable lesson Mrs. Hall taught her was to “stay calm and take a deep breath. I love Mrs. Hall!”

  • Ian Weier said that Mrs. Hall is super nice, kind, and funny.

  • Audrey Napolitano said that her favorite thing about Mrs. Hall is how considerate and funny she is. Her favorite memory with Mrs. Hall is whenever she talks about how much she loves and wants her family’s donkey, Amy. The most valuable lesson she learned from Mrs. Hall was to wear bright clothes when running outside for cross country, or else you have to wear a vest, and that isn’t fun.

  • An anonymous student said that their favorite thing about Mrs. Hall is how amazing and wonderful she is. They stated that she has a contagious smile and a funny laugh. Their favorite memory with Mrs. Hall was when they gave her a present that they made, and she was happy and loved it. The most valuable lesson Mrs. Hall taught them was to never let anyone use their stuff, like their phone or AirPods, because you don’t know what they’ll do with it.

Thank you to Mrs. Hall and to all of the students who gave their feedback!

Did You Know?

by Claire Wright

Did you know that an ostrich´s eyes are bigger than its brain?

Preschool & Kindergarten Roundup

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Volunteers Needed

Free Winter Coats

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Give where you live!

Four County Community Foundation holds several funds that award grants directly to your local community. Grants support your schools, your museums, your food pantries, your local parks and trails and so much more. Consider donating to your Community Fund today!

Your donation will come right back to your local community.

Help wanted!

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Trivia Contests

by Logan Korth

Results of the Tech Trivia Contest will be in next week! In the meantime, try our Strange State Laws Trivia!

Class of 2023 Information

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Who's Hungry?

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by Kaeleigh Gourieux
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Substitute Teachers Needed!


Varsity Girls Basketball

by Lily Finnigan

This past week was a big one for our Girl’s Basketball team. On January 16th, the Dryden Varsity Girls Basketball team played North Huron at home, taking a win with a score of 43-22. In the game, Jessica Peters paced all others with 15 points. Lucia Rodriguez was close behind with 13. Keira Miller added another 6, and Lauren Abromaitis got 3. Rilynn Lindsay, Ava DeVlaminck, and Sophia Peter contributed 2 points each.

Away at Memphis on the 17th, the girls brought home another win with a score of 29-21. Lauren Abromaitis and Lucia Rodriguez were the leading scorers with 10 points each. Jessica Peters added another 6. Rilynn Lindsay accumulated 2, and Keira Miller tossed in 1.

At Deckerville on Thursday, Dryden got a big win with a score of 47-36. Lucia Rodriguez led the Lady Cardinals with 13 points. Jessica Peters added another 12 and Lauren Abromaitis 11. Keira Miller acquired 4, and Delaney Wolle got 3. Both Rilynn Lindsay and Sophia Peter ended the game with 2 points each.

Varsity Boys Basketball

by Audrey Napolitano

On Tuesday, January 17th, the Varsity Boys Basketball team played a league game at home against North Huron High School. Dryden garnished a win against North Huron, ending the game 66-18. Dylan Ledford led the team by acquiring 18 points and 11 rebounds, succeeded by Jacob Burgess who added 11 points and four steals. Sonny Coscione put up eight points and seven assists, Jaylin Taylor earned seven points and four assists, Noah Slagle and Dorian Lewis supplied five points each, Josh Harris tallied four points, Owen Gall and Joey Delmotte each accumulated three points, and Hayden Blair earned two points. Coach John Delcampo stated, "It was a good win because everyone got to play a lot of minutes”.

On Wednesday, January 18th, the Varsity Boys Basketball team played a non-league game at Memphis High School. Dryden achieved a win, concluding the game 64-46. Jacob Burgess led the team acquiring 23 points, succeeded by Dylan Ledford who earned 18 points. Sonny Coscione supplied 12 points, Noah Slagle put up six points, and Jaylin Taylor accumulated five points. Coach John DelCampo stated, “It was good to get a win on the road. We got a little sloppy at times and that hurt us”. Great job on the amazing wins, boys!!

Dryden beat Deckerville, 63-44, on Friday, January 20 in a league matchup in Deckerville. “I am very proud of our team. Deckerville is not an easy place to get a win. We played well,” reflected Coach John DelCampo. For the Cardinals, Jacob Burgess put up 22 points, and Dylan Ledford added 17. Dorian Lewis scored 16 points. Jaylin Taylor (4), Sonny Coscione (3), and Owen Gall (1) added to the team's performance.

The next Varsity Boys Basketball game will be on Tuesday, January 24th at home against Peck High School. The Junior Varsity game starts at 6:00 pm, and the Varsity game starts at 7:30 pm.

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball

by Kaitlynn Knuth

On Tuesday, January 5th, The JV girls basketball team faced North Huron. The game was almost a close call as our girls did their best. Our Dryden girls sadly lost with 30 points and North Huron added up to 33 points.

On Thursday, January 19th, The JV girls basketball team went against Deckerville. We sadly lost, but we will get them next time! Dryden girls got a total of 28 points and Deckerville scored 39 points.

Support our girls for their next home game today against Peck at 6 p.m.!

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

by Penelope Spencer

On January 18th, the Junior Varsity boy's basketball team lost a game to Memphis. The score was 38-37. The top scorers were David Insley with 14 points and Jacob Buffo with 10.

The JV team suffered a loss to Deckerville on January 20, 43-32. David Insley led the team with 16 points.

Junior High Boys Basketball

by Logan Korth

The Dryden 8th Grade boys won against Mayville on January 18 by a whopping 36 points, at 53 to 17.

Keeping their winning streak, on January 20, they played Deckerville and racked up 50 points leading to a sweet victory for Dryden! Brady Schneider gained 21 total points this game, Gianni Coscione- 15, Santi Perales- 7, Mikey Luciano- 5, and Tyler Roberts- 2. Congratulations 8th Graders!

Dryden 6th/7th Grade boys lost against Mayville, 38-24, and Deckerville, 35-10. Good luck next time, Dryden!

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Positivity Project

This year, students meet in small groups with their grade level peers in 1st hour Junior High Advisory (grades 7-8) or High School Seminar (grades 9-12). Besides being a "home base" for students with a trusted teacher, these courses provide information on the Positivity Project's character strengths.

This Week: Social Intelligence

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Sponsorships Available

You can be a part of Dryden Junior/Senior High School history! Becoming a Yearbook sponsor is easy and affordable. Your name will live on in our 2022-23 Yearbook for generations!
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Upcoming Events

Monday, January 23

3:30 PM-6:00 PM - Bowling @ Merritt @ Premier Lanes - bus departs @ 2:15 pm

6:00 PM-9:00 PM - JV/Varsity Girls Basketball vs Peck - JV game @ 6:00 pm, Varsity game @ 7:30 pm

Tuesday, January 24

2:30 PM-4:00 PM - Homework Club - Room 133

2:30 PM-3:30 PM - Color Me Green - Room 153 (Mrs. Decker's room)

6:00 PM-9:00 PM - JV/Varsity Boys Basketball vs Peck - JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Wednesday, January 25

Wear it Wednesday - Detroit Pistons Day

2:30 PM-4:00 PM - PLC Meeting #4 - HS Library

3:30 PM-6:00 PM - Bowling vs Merritt @ Hideaway Lanes

6:00 PM-8:00 PM - 7th/8th Boys Basketball @ Akron - Bus departs @ 4:15 pm

Thursday, January 26

2:30 PM-4:00 PM - Homework Club - Room 133

6:00 PM-9:00 PM - JV/Varsity Girls Basketball @ Bay City All Saints - Bus departs @ 4:00 pm, JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Friday, January 27

6:00 PM-9:00 PM - JV/Varsity Boys Basketball @ Bay City All Saints - Bus departs @ 4:00 pm, JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

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Riddle of the Week

Every week a different riddle will be posted in the paper for you to solve. When you think you have the correct answer, submit it to us using the feedback doc at the bottom of that week's issue, along with your name. The first person to submit the correct answer will be given a shoutout in the following week's issue. The answer to the previous riddle and the shoutout can be found under each week's new riddle.

by Ava DeVlaminck

Last week's riddle: What can you hold in your right hand, but never in your left hand?

Answer: Your left hand!

The first correct answer was submitted by nobody!

This week's riddle: What has branches, but no fruit, trunk, or leaves?

February 13

March 13

April 10

May 8

June 12

All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., will be held in the Dryden High School Library, and are open to the public.

Joke of the Week

by Ava DeVlaminck

I ate too much seafood last night.

Now I'm eel.

Mark Your Calendars!

Check out the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 Dryden Community Schools District Calendars here!

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The Team

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Lily Finnigan - Reporter

Kaeleigh Gourieux - Reporter

Kaitlynn Knuth - Reporter

Logan Korth - Reporter

Audrey Napolitano - Reporter

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Claire Wright - Reporter


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