Tech Integration Newsletter

Volume 5 | Issue 20 | January, 2018

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Bright Bytes in Omaha Public Schools Curriculum Report

"Classrooms that prepare students for college and career seamlessly integrate technology into daily instruction in a way that intentionally scaffolds students’ technology skills. Although today’s students are digital natives with many skills in social networking, the majority of them are not social learners with the ability to apply complex technology skills to everyday challenges.

Furthermore, students’ everyday experiences are seamlessly interwoven with digital devices and instant communication. In order to meet students “where they are,” technology instruction must be infused in every subject area. Teachers are aware of this trend. According to a national Pewsurvey, 95% of students regularly use the Internet.

Given this, a modern curriculum must purposefully include incremental technology-infused skill acquisition. However, the design of every effective curriculum begins by considering the unique needs of the learners. Although students are comfortable tweeting and surfing the web, they still need support to use technology for productivity tasks such as creating spreadsheets and sending professional email.

Being aware of students’ skill profiles with technology can greatly inform the development of a cohesive, integrated curriculum that allows students to build the technology skills sets necessary for college and career."

*Images and text directly from district Bright Bytes report for Omaha Public Schools

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Filter Update

As the mobile filter is being removed for teacher devices, you may require a reboot. Your online experience should have fewer interruptions, including fewer blue screens.
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Microsoft Teams

Based on feedback from you, new features are coming to Microsoft Teams!

Features that are now (or soon will be) available:
  • ability to use a calendar or list view for assignments
  • opportunity for teachers to add assignments across various Teams
  • accessibility of assignments with mobile app (including iPads and Android phones)
  • utilizing decimals within the grading window

We are still working on a resolution to the current Mozilla Firefox version issue and will communicate any updates as soon as we have them. As we move into second semester, remember you can continue to use your existing Team from first semester; however, you will need to add/remove students as appropriate.

For those using Teams in your classrooms, please continue to provide feedback and insight. If you have not yet tried Teams, consider reviewing opportunities to learn at inservices.ops.org

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Minecraft Education Edition

We are excited to provide the opportunity to utilize Minecraft Education Edition in your classroom.

A limited number of licenses are available for teachers and students for the 2017-2018 school year. Since they are limited, we are using an application process. If you are interested in Minecraft Education Edition, please complete the Form (application) below. Once the application has been submitted and reviewed, an email will be sent with your acceptance status and next steps. Application Link: http://bit.ly/2yKZWgk

Interested in learning more about Minecraft. Attend a 1-day Minecraft Education Edition workshop on Saturday, January 27. Register to attend at inservices.ops.org

Thank you for your interest in Minecraft. Please contact Kelly Means (kelly.means@ops.org OR 531.299.9621) with additional application questions.

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Technology Workshops Available

Interested in learning more about technology opportunities such as ClassFlow? Below is a list of sessions you can sign up for on inservices.ops.org. Use your district e-login as the username and your employee number as the password. These training sessions are open to elementary and secondary school teachers and stipends for attendance will be paid when offered during non-duty hours.

Sneak Peak at the technology training opportunities are also pictured below. Check inservices.ops.org regularly as NEW training sessions are added often.

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Secondary Spotlight

Once again, for the 2017-2018 school year, the secondary technology trainers are looking to showcase innovative secondary educators who are incorporating technology into their classroom content.

Click on the sway below to submit a nomination!

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Common Sense Education

Second semester is in full swing! As you gear up for planning and continued digital citizenship instruction, don't hesitate to reach out for your classroom and parent education needs.

Having a Common Sense Media booth at your parent teacher conferences, literacy night, or community resources events is a great way to provide information to parents on their child's media use. Contact Keegan Korf (keegan.korf@ops.org) to schedule your event or receive resource support.

Each school and program that completes the requirements to earn Common Sense Recognition will receive a beautiful banner to proudly hang in your halls.

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Mobile Learning Unit

Omaha Public Schools Mobile Learning Unit was created to address issues of digital equity in the North Omaha area. Anchored on a powerful district vision and community partnerships, this innovative initiative targets high poverty neighborhoods and schools. The goal: to use a whole-community approach to bring high-technology learning and digital citizenship skills to students and their families. We want more than merely high-quality access and devices for our students - we want to build the knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex community challenges in today’s digital age. Every Student. Every Day. Prepared for Success.

To see the MLU in action, check out our blog HERE.

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Technology Training Team

Debra Bordenkecher:

Technology Trainer, Classified/Certified Staff/TAC

Rebecca Chambers:

Instructional Technology Trainer, Mobile Learning Unit Lead Teacher

Melissa Cleaver:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Eileen Heller:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Elementary Lead Teacher
Keegan Korf:
Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship Lead Teacher
Kelly Means:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Amy Vester:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Secondary Lead Teacher
McKenzie White:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Library Lead Teacher