George Whitefield

A great minister, a great reveal

Facts about Whitefield

  1. 1714-1770
  2. Spouse: Elizabeth James
  3. Founded- University of Pennsylvania
  4. Preached- 34 yrs. 18 thousand times
  5. 10 million souls

Visit to the Colonies

In 1739 the British minister made his 2nd trip to the colonies. He preached great revivals to all people that still had faith. Many of his sermons gave hope about Christianity to the colonists. Whitefield became one of the most popular ministers of the Great Awakening. One of the enlighten ones was Nathan Cole. He quoted, "when I saw Mr. Whitefield come upon his scaffold [platform], he looked almost angelical [like an angel]. . . . and my hearing how God was with him everywhere as he came along, it solemnized [made serious] my mind and put me into trembling fear before he began to preach; for he looked as if he clothed with athourity from the Great God . . . and my hearing him preach gave me a heart wound."
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George whitefield

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