Breaking News: Miracle Cure?

Lacie Thornley

What is this new medicine?

Alexander Fleming of Scotland accidentally discovered an antibiotic! While in his work, he left a plate of staphylococcus unobserved, Fleming came back to the plate and realized that a mold had fallen on the plate and killed most of the bacteria.

Mt. Teton National Park Established!

Mt. Teton has some of the most beautiful alpine scenery in the United States! Mt. Teton was discovered by John Colter on a expedition with Lewis and Clark. The park encompasses the mountains and a narrow strip at their base. Grand Teton Park totals at 309,993 acres!

Ruth Snyder Executed!

Ruth Snyder was executed just moments before her love at the time. Her and her love (at the time) turned on Ruth's husband and murdered him. She and her lover were murdered by the electric chair.

Niagra Falls on a rubber ball??

Jean Lussier, daredevil, decided that instead of taking a wooden barrel down the Falls, she would ride down in a rubber ball!
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