Teddy Roosevelt: Comeback Man

By: Noah Freedman

Comeback Man

Theodore Roosevelt served greatly for 2 terms and promised to not return, following the legacy left by George Washington. But after William H. Taft took office and didn't live up to his expectations, he returned to office to further what he had started.

He used his power of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, this law declared illegal all combinations "in restraint of trade." He also creates the Department of Commerce and Labor.

Ida Tarbell: The Historian

Ida Tarbell had a magazine series called "The History of the Standard Oil Company." Tarbell wrote through this a detailed exposé of Rockefeller's unethical tactics, sympathetically portraying the plight of Pennsylvania's independent oil workers. This exposed the horrors of the corrupt empires which Teddy was trying to defeat.

"From busting trusts to spreading nationalism, he does it all"

The Wall Street Stealer

The Wall Street financiers and trust titans were hogging all of the money while the middle class were living in squalor. Therefor giving them the villainous name of "Stealer."

  1. Railroad moguls like J. Pierpont Morgan, James J. Hill, E.H. Harriman
  2. The captains of industry who were arrogant enough to believe themselves superior to the elected government
  3. The continued exploitation of the public resulting in violent uprisings that could destroy the whole system
  4. American Sugar Refining Company monopolizing 98% of the sugar industry
  5. "bad trusts"