Mackenzie neuhaus

Physical Features

  • It lies in fertile ground near the Indus.
  • It has the largest glaciers.
  • It has tons of mountains with gigantic glaciers.


  • Its capital city is Karachi.
  • Its population is 193,238,868 as of 2013.

Geographic Boundries

  • North is Afghanistan .
  • East is Iran.
  • South is India.
  • West is India.


  • East Pakistan declared independence in 1971.
  • Indian troops invaded and defeated Pakistan.
  • Zia the controller was killed in a plane crash in 1948.
  • They made the line of control in 1972.
  • In July 2013 Monsoon Hessian was elected for 12th president.
  • NATO strike in airbase killing 24 soldiers.
  • After world war 1 British controlled it and got it back by a Muslim leader.

People and Places

  • It is 307,374 square miles
  • Its three main water areas are Indus valley Baluchistan plateau and Arabian sea
  • Most Pakistan people are bilingual and are able to speak two languages
  • Three religions are Sunni Muslim 75% shin Muslim 20% and other are 5%


  • Some games are cricket (baseball) field hockey
  • Most of the holidays are Islamic religion
  • Weddings re the biggest celebrations
  • There is basalt festival where children fly kites


  • There capital is isloaid the head of state is president monsoon hessian.
  • The head of the government consists of 104 seats for senates.
  • Most Pakistanis don't drive cars the get around.

Life as a kid

  • It is often for the whole family to live in one house.
  • They usually have 5 siblings so kids grow up playing with them.
  • They watch television or movies if they aren't helping around the house or at school.