Room 3 News

April 29, 2013

What we will be learning........

* Language Arts Unit 5: Week 5- Baby animals change and grow as they get older.

- Vocabulary: remain, mature, newborn, cub, slender, process, wild

- Words to Know (read, spell, write): cub, air, enough, wild, open, learn, eyes

- Grammar/Mechanics: adjectives, capitalizing days of the week and book titles

- Phonics: oi and oy words.

-Spelling Words: spoil, coin, join, joy, toy, boy

- Skill: Compare and Contrast

* Writing- using synonyms and adjectives to write more powerful sentences

*Math: telling time to the hour and half hour

Important Notes:

- Speeches: All first graders will begin giving speeches over the next few weeks. The girls will be presenting their first speeches the week of April 29th. Girls will give thier speeches this week. The boys will go on the following week beginning on May 6th. The students need to be prepared on their speaking day . Please look for the topic and rubric to come home every other week for a total of 3 speeches. A few second graders will present their speeches to give the first graders an idea of what the presentations should look like.

A few notes/ideas to share:

* a poster is not required for the speech but can be used

* keynote or PowerPoint presentations can be used (please email me it to be before their speech day)

* a written/typed speech does not need to be turned in

- Books and Beyond ends May 17th.

- MAP Testing is the week of May 6th

Upcoming Events:

May 6th-10th: STAR Testing for grades 2-6. MAP Testing for 1st Grade.

May 10th: First Grade Performance at 1:15 in the FAB

May 20th-24th SSF Ocean Week

May 23rd: Open House at 6:00

May 28th: Field Trip to Scripps Aquarium

May 30th: Gold Medal Ceremony


Sharon O'Brien