Sacred Heart School

Week of May 2, 2015

Dear Teachers,

Thank you!!! You all are incredible and are doing great work each and every day. Our students and parents are beyond blessed to have you in their lives.

I see little moments each and every day that remind me how lucky we are to have the team we do!

I see Ms. Rodriguez welcome her little ones with a big hug and smile each day.

I see Ms. Gonzalez help a student open her snack with one hand while preparing materials for the next lesson in the other.

I see Ms. Ramirez carrying in all sorts of new supplies and building new environments in her room each day.

I see Ms. Joya running around from 6:45 am to 6:45 pm each day.

I see Ms. Medley go from delivering difficult news to parents with so much grace one minute and the next, sitting on the floor surrounded by little ones!

I see Ms. Patty leading her Kindergarteners out of the theater, ready for a day of learning. Two minutes later, I see her writing down notes about students' thinking or working with students who are falling behind.

I see Ms. Bogosian take on a million extra tasks - from helping new teachers, to texting parents on a daily basis, to tutoring little ones long after the rest of us have left.

I see Ms. Mazzini prioritize the instruction of her little ones in Spanish.

I see Ms. P moving from one room to the next effortlessly. I see her correcting homework, stuffing red folders, teaching religion, leading a reading group, working with a student, teaching Science / SS and then getting everything set up to do it all it all over again.

I see Ms. Mattoon deliver perfect centers every single day - including Math Centers that can go on for hours without students getting bored!
I see the way Ms. Chavez smiles when her students present their learning and gives them an encouraging nudge to keep going!

I see Mr. Kryschtal filling in the holes and supporting each of the teachers so they don't go crazy! I see the way he is always one step ahead of us.

I see Mr. Landrigan look for new strategies to push his students' thinking and new ways to take our school to the next level.

I see Ms. Quintanilla sneak into the younger classrooms to work with her ESL students after dropping off lunches in the cafeteria!

I see Ms. Carson going up and down the stairs all day - picking up a group and dropping off the next. I see her carrying prizes in from her car and telling each one of her students that they are growing- and shouldn't give up.

I see Ms. Kullberg working on the yearbook all day on Saturday - making sure every student, teacher, and class is equally represented and celebrated. I see her sitting in the corner of an assembly putting the finishing touches on a homework assignment she designed as a direct result of the students' thinking that morning.

I see Ms. Barnett sending out emails and keeping the middle school team focused - focused on student needs, focused on curriculum development, field trips, and new labs! I see her taking a deep breath and saying a quick prayer after dealing with an unmotivated 8th grader!

I see Sra. Ferriol picking up her 8th graders each morning, challenging them to think about big ideas in class, and then sitting down with them after school encouraging them to finish those pesky high school applications.

I see Mr. W standing at the door in the morning, helping with the theater, and then tossing a football with the kids at lunch!

I see Br. Brian sharing stories and wisdom with the big kids and then turning around and helping the little ones on the altar.

I see Mr. Fuentes and Ms. Kibler welcome some of our most vulnerable little ones into their office with open arms.

And that's just before noon.

I see Ms. Giron manage the chaos in the office with unbelievable calm and confidence. I see Ms. Sanoir - all over the place - all the time. I see Agnes and Monica coming in in the midst of their classes, finals, and Graduation! I see Ms. Cinnamon collecting Baptism certificates, chasing down parents, planning retreats, and reminding our staff - THE SACRAMENTS TEST IS MONDAY! I see Luis, Betsy, and Jayson sneak into the basement - and deliver an hour of something special to our kiddos - an hour to move, create, sing, cheer, and run!

Phew - I'm exhausted just writing it all down.

But the best part is, I know there are a million more moments that I don't see.

I don't have much to give you this week - I don't have many gifts or treats. But please know that I have lots of respect, love, and appreciation! & I would like to buy everyone lunch on Tuesday! Details to come...



Upcoming Events

Sacraments Test on Monday

Monday, May 2nd, 3:30pm

Ms. K's classroom

We will take the Sacraments test on Monday. Ms. Cinnamon will proctor the test!

Teacher Appreciation Day

Tuesday, May 3rd, 11:30am

Sacred Heart

Special Lunch for teachers! And lots of hi-fives from Ms. Heil.

Half Day - Wednesday

Wednesday, May 4th, 12:30pm

Your house

Go home at 12:30. Get your nails done. Take a nap. Enjoy day-time television.

No PD planned. Talent Show rehearsal - debatable. We may opt out this year! Will vote on Monday.

Mothers Day Mass

Wednesday, May 4th, 1:15pm

3211 Sacred Heart Way

Washington, DC

We will have a flower for each of our Mothers at the Mother's Day mass on Wednesday! Feel free to send a card, craft, or special note home with your students.

Library Visits

Thursday, May 5th, 1pm

3160 16th Street Northwest

Washington, DC

5th grade will go on Monday. K, 1, and 2 will go on Thursday!

Talent Show

Friday, May 6th, 6pm


We will have an afternoon rehearsal starting at 1:30 and may pull some students out of class. Details to come. The show will begin at 6pm! 8th grade families will sell concessions.

Check out our new flag!

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