Week of November 29 - December 3, 2021

What's Inside the Newsletter

  • Counselor Corner - Q1 Grades
  • Literacy Update
  • PTO - Thank you
  • Classroom Update - 6th grade
  • MYP Update
  • Winter I Sports
  • Every Meal Flyer

Weekly Reminders


Monday, Nov. 29th - Q1 Grades available

School Information

Information from the office

Mask Request: Extra new masks at home? We are looking to build a larger supply so our students can have properly fitted masks. Students come in all shapes and sizes just like masks! All materials and sizes welcome. Thank you for helping support proper mask wear at school to keep your student and family safe.

Counseling Corner - QUARTER 1 GRADES

Hello Ramsey Families,

Quarter 1 Grades will be available after 9:00am on Monday, November 29th.

With the form sent out the last two weeks, you chose to view grades online at home (using Campus Portal), requested to have a grades report sent directly to their email, or requested that grade reports are printed and given to your child who will then bring it home.

Literacy Update

The library has been added more manga series and graphic novels! The pictures show just how many titles were checked out in just one day. :) Mr. Sheridan would like to give a huge shout out to the PTO parents who helped weed the old books from the library. It has made finding a relevant book so much easier!

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Updates


To all of you who helped us during our fundraising campaign by donating and/or sharing our fundraiser with your network, we have a special student created video to say thank you!


We couldn’t do this without you and your support. We are stronger together!

Classroom Updates

MN Studies - 6th grade

This week, students will be creating their own Personal Winter Count. "A winter count was one such tool that certain Native American communities of the Northern Great Plains region used to help record their histories and to keep track of the passage of years" (https://americanindian.si.edu/sites/1/files/pdf/education/poster_lone_dog_final.pdf). Winter counts were an important piece of sharing the Dakota's oral history. We'll be using paper grocery bags to create the students' winter counts so it would be great if your child could bring 1 - 2 paper grocery bags on Monday or Tuesday. Students will also be recording their personal stories on Flipgrid to record their personal oral history.

MYP Update

We have been working this fall to realign our building expectations with five out of the ten IB learner profile traits using the acronym ROCK. For those of you who are new to Ramsey, we frame our expectations as being reflective, open-minded, caring communicators, and knowledgeable. We will be teaching our updated/revised building expectations in classes after Thanksgiving break. We will also be recognizing students who show these IB learner profile traits (as we have been doing this fall) and holding a special mid-week ROCK drawing on Wednesday, Dec. 1! (Conversation starter: ask your students each week which song Mr. Chlebecek chooses to play over the loudspeaker to start out our ROCK drawing--it is always entertaining to see their reactions each week!)

Winter I Sports

You can still sign up for Winter 1 Intramural sports (Girls Basketball & Wrestling). Sign-up forms are in the office. Please contact the Athletic Director, Terry Seeman, at Terry.seeman@stpaul.k12.mn.us with any questions.

Every Meal - Fighting Child Hunger

Ramsey Middle school and Every Meal have formed a partnership to reduce food insecurities in our school community. Attached is a flyer with contact information on how to get signed up. Also, we are in need of a few parent volunteers to put food in lockers on Fridays. Please contact Ryan Donnelly, (651)744-2389 if you are interested in volunteering.