American Revolution


Mary Ludwig Hays ; Molly Pitcher

Mary Ludwig Hays was born on October 13, 1754 near Trenton, New Jersey. She brought water to her husband and his fellow soldiers earning the nick name Molly Pitcher. Once, her husband collapsed during battle, and she took over. During that battle, witnesses said a British cannon went between her legs. Surprisingly, no damage was done except her petticoat ripped! I think Mary Ludwig Hays rocks!

Valley Forge

From December 1777 to January 1778 the continental army spent the winter in Valley Forge Pennsylvania. This was a hard time for us in the war.The soldiers had no shoes and very thin, cold uniforms. Many died of disease. Others died in surgery. During surgery they were awake! Crazy right? So, I hope you learned a little bit about Valley Forge. I know I did!