A Queensland town has asked you to stop their town from using coal and start using sustainable energies because they have tourism and don't want to lose their business by letting them see dead fish washed up the sea shore and bye bye coal powered town and hello new clean, green, sustainable town and they are asking us to help.

The township

Living Queensland in a place where it has a warm climate good for solar energy and the sea is quite rough so it could be used for wave, hydroelectricity and wave turbines.

Solar energy

Solar energy is good and sustainable for the town because it has a warm climate and less than 10 percent of this world use solar panels.Would it be nice to have that much solar panels and sometimes use it as a tourist attraction?

Wave Energy

Wave energy is very useful for a town like this given the point that their sea is rough.They do deep sea fishing but they should use wave energy somewhere far away so it won't interfere the deep sea fishing


This is one of the most important thing in their town.TOURISTS.They can get more tourists by making their place look more modern therefore it will attract more tourists.These modern machines might attract more tourists like the wave turbines or the solar panels that will be across a field.
Environment and Energy