Ms. Melissa Week of 3/28/16


Today was Matthew's special day! He had us hopping like kangaroos, but not just any kangaroo, a super fast kangaroo! He picked the Goldfish song to move and groove to today. We also danced to Singing in the Rain. We had a two step project in the work room. Luke, Alessandro, and Lily Rose traced a vase and glued it to paper. Gabriela, Gibson, and Ella added pussy willow flowers to the vase with grey fingerpaint. Diego and Alessandro shared their books today. They were two of my favorites, A Snowy Rescue and The Pout Pout Fish! We read Mouse’s Spring and talked about the things we see in nature as Spring arrives. We ventured to the Family Life and Block Room today. In the reading room we traced a robin and added detail to the picture.


Today was Alessandro’s special day and also his birthday celebration. He will be turning 5 next week! He had us going as slow as turtles and running like cheetahs! We danced to the Freeze dance song and listened and acted out Herman The Worm. We continued to make vases for our pussy willow flowers. Zoey, Ronald, and Charlotte picked out some interesting designed paper for their vases before they added some fingerpaint details for the flowers. Addison, Irene, Mona and Lily Rose were taking pictures and cooking up some nice dinners in the dramatic play corner. Sara, Alessandro, Matthew and Ronald were making some creative buildings with the magnatiles as well as the city blocks. In the Reading room we read The Best Nest and talked more about Spring and what we might see and hear in nature to let us know Spring has arrived. We worked on tracing robins and adding detail to the picture.


Ronald had his special day today. He decided we should be dinosaurs down the hallway. First we flew and then we were fast dinosaurs. He also picked the Dinosaur song to move and groove to. We listened to Who Let the Letters out and Days of the Week. We read My Spring Robin and talked about more things we might see in the Springtime. Ronald, Luke and Matthew traced a bird’s nest and added it to the tree with two blue robin eggs. We did some stamp painting today. Zoey and Gabriela worked on tracing and cutting a red-breasted robin in the reading room. Diego and Gibson worked together to make their own birds at the work table using the pattern birds. We had the rice table open today which we might rename the “gem” table as it is filled with unique and interesting gems! We also sang 5 speckled frogs today while waiting to enter the reading room. What a beautiful day we had playing on the playground as well!


Addison had her special day today and she had us become loud puppies and slow turtles! She picked Freeze dance to move and groove to today. We also sang Building a better World. We read Split Splat! and talked about what we liked to do in the rain or after the rain stops. In the work room Charlotte, Irene and Ronald worked on counting raindrops to add to the numbered clouds. Zoey and Addison created rainbows at the easel today. Mona, Lily Rose and Sara used eye droppers to add color to paper to be turned into a flower next week. We all took a look at our creative wood sculptures and drew them! We picked out just the right colors and figured out what shapes there were and put it down on paper! Ms. Marilyn worked with some friends at the table in the Reading room to create a collage of tissue paper on an umbrella shape.


Ella's special day. She picked the Bubblegum song today. We tried to listen to two new songs, but they started skipping on us, so now we are on a mission to find some other new songs. Ella had us become flowers down the hallway. So we swayed in the wind down the hall. Luke and Gibson drew their wood sculptures for the art gallery night. Matthew, Zoey and Gabriela worked on tracing a diamond to turn it into a kite blowing in the wind! Diego and Matthew created unique buildings with the Magnatiles. We read It's Spring and hope to go on a nature walk to see and hear the signs of Spring. Luke shared his book today which introduced us to so many new sea creatures!

Art Gallery Night

Tuesday, April 5th, 5pm

1558 South County Trail

East Greenwich, RI

All families are cordially invited to our first annual gallery night, on Tuesday, April 5 in Fellowship Hall. This year we will be featuring the work of our BMTCP wood sculptors. Your child’s work of art will be on display between the hours of 5-6:30. Stop in and enjoy some apple juice and cheese hors d'oeu-vres, while taking in a display of the amazing works of art created with wood by your children. We hope to see everyone there!